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Visa Application for Europe

edited June 25 in Visa and Passport
I am traveling to Canada in the end of july for almost a month.
But before that i wanted to apply for Europe tourist visa and secure it for sept, since i will have a few holidays left. The shortest possible application timelines are for Norway (2 weeks they say on website). I have the documentation almost complete, but the application appointment that i am getting is 3rd July. I have a feeling that it is a close call, but at the same time i think it is manageable.
Do you think i should take the risk of submitting my passport to the embassy? or should i wait to apply after returning from Canada?


  • @wow777
    I think it is worth a try for the visa from Norway if there is a delay you simply withdraw the visa application and your passport will be returned to allow you to travel.
    Good luck
  • Thanks Alethia... :)
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