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Applied refused visa from another Schengen country

edited June 20 in Visa and Passport
I m from Nepal, I have travel plan to Europe with Italy 4 nights, Switzerland 3 nights , Paris 1 night and Spain 9 nights ( entry point Rome and exit from Spain )
As Swiss Embassy is only Embassy in Nepal I applied visa in there with slight amendments in my itinerary to show maximum stay in Switzerland but they denied the visa saying justification of purpose and conditions of intended stay was not reliable
What should I do , shall I reapply in Spain embassy as I have booked all my hotels and internal transfer for my whole trip with Spain as my main destination and I can show that in my application!!!
Thank you


  • @arusha
    You can reapply to Spain, your travel itinerary must be perfect this time with hotel and travel bookings or you will be refused again.
  • edited June 20
    Do they simply deny visa because another country has already refused it
    Is there anything like visa shopping... will this apply in my case if I apply from spaIn !!!
  • @arusha
    In your case it is not visa shopping, you wantd to go to Spain in your first application.
    Visa shopping is where you submit a different travel plan to another embassy. Also you only have one embassy so you cant visa shop if there is only one embassy.
  • @Alethia
    We have only one embassy in Nepal , rest country we can apply through VFS
    Now I m applying in Spain through BLS
    My previous itinerary was ..Rome 2 night ....Venice 2 night.... Lucerne...3 night .... grindelwald 5 nights , Madrid 5 nights
    And my new itinerary is Rome 2 night....Venice 2 nights.... Lucerne 3 nights .... Paris 1 night ... Ibiza 4 nights ... Marbella 5 nights .... return from Madrid airport to Nepal
    I will be joining 6 more couple in Spain who r my friends from uae, India and Singapore
    All my bookings in Spain are with them

    Do I have to mention my previous refusal in my covering letter and also do I write date of my last finger prints taken in application
    Will the changes in itinerary affect my visa from Spain
    pls help !!!!!
  • Pls advise what to do .....
  • @arusha
    You do not need to mention your previous itinerary.
    I think both of your intineraries are ridiculous and overly complicated.
    For example Ibiza is a Spanish Island so you will be flying from Paris to Ibiza and then flying to Marbella very expensive and unrealistic.
    Why are you going to Paris? So little time to aee anything
    Why not say you are staying in Rome for 7 days and Spain for 7 days. Once you have the visa you can travel around where you like.
  • But now I have already applied with this itinerary with all confirm bookings including internal flight tkts
    What r the chances !!!!
    I m very nervous as I have already invested so much !!!
    All my friends have also applied from India Singapore and dubai, do they check this if I have mentioned their name with passport no in my covering letter
  • @arusha
    Your friends are not relevant to the decision maker.
    I believe your itinerary is very complicated.
    I wish you lick
  • @Alethia
    My visa has been denied on the saying your intentions to leave the schengen territory before the expiry of the visa could not be ascertained
    What to do as I have already purchased return ticket and and I want to appeal against their decision
    Pls reply ASAP as I want to appeal tomorrow
    Also do I have to submit all the documents with appeal letter
    Can I reapply Swiss embassy side by side as I have invitation from a reputed Swiss company for a factory visit in Switzerland
    Can I use this letter in my appeal
  • @arusha
    Certainly use the letter from the Swiss company in your appeal.
    You must produce evidence of ties to your home country when you appeal.
    Good luck
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