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Indian staying in Canada - Can my boyfriend in Tunisia apply for a visa for me from Tunisia ?

So the visa procedures and the Consulate of Tunisia in Montreal is very unresponsive and haven't given me any answers . So i was wondering if i could send him the required documents and he could apply for my visa from Tunisia instead and send it to me via post . P.S I just have close to 8 days and i need to be there . Is it possible ?


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    Indian citizens do not need a visa for Tunisia this changed in 2017.
    You will require a return ticket a confirmed hotel reservation and sufficent funds for your holiday. If you are staying in Tunisia for one week you will need to show US dollars 1000 cash and or credit cards. You can be there in 8 days time
  • @mia2727 - the Consulate was unresponsive because it was Ramadan and then 4 days for the Eid holiday. You should have known this if 'he' is a Muslim which I presume he is.
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