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Mexico - standby ticket and visa

edited July 3 in - Mexico
Hi I wonder if someone could advise I am flying to USA on a standby ticket spending one night in Chicago and then flying standby to Puerto Valletta for a week's holiday. I will then be returning standby back from PVR to Chicago to fly home standby the next day. I have an esta for the USA and I know I will need to complete an immigration form one the flight to PVR. The question is do I need to show the Mexican Authorities a return ticket i.e. Chicago to PVR to Chicago for them to allow me into the country or is it not a problem that I don't have a return ticket. My US friends never have a problem going from USA to Mexico on standby just want to make sure what terms the U.K have regarding this.


  • @Nefertiti
    You have aticket its just standby You have a USA visa you should not have a problem
  • Thank you for the response. I have taken copies of the flight details too...just in case.
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