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Schengen visa refused. Urgent advice needed.

Earlier posted under wrong category "Expat Advice" . Unable to delete it.

Hi everyone,
I applied for my VISA from French Embassy for 24 days. I am a first time traveler with no travel history.
in my itinerary I showed my stay in Paris for 6 days and for 5 days in Belgium to attend Tomorrowland event and I also showed my official confirm ticket to Tomorrowland event in Belgium. I also showed my stay in Nice for 7 nights and then 5 days in Zurich.

my travel itinerary was Paris to Brussels too nice to Zurich

I showed flight reservation from a travel agent and Hotel bookings from and when I checked my bookings after I got my visa refused the hotel bookings were cancelled as shown on the website.
Also i did not show inter state travel reservation. I just wrote in my letter i will be using train /bus etc whatever option seems better and cheap at that time.

I did not submit a day to day itinerary but I mention my planned itinerary in my cover letter and I submitted a very detailed cover letter showing my background my means of subsistence and my purpose for visiting the schengen area which was tourism (mentioned the places i will be going in the city to visit) and the documents I am attaching and detail of my travel insurance

I am a self employed Indian business man with a business in India. I am a single male and 27 years old. my bank balance is more than sufficient, quite more than what is required by Schengen visa requirements for the duration of if visit i showed. I stated i will be bearing all my expenses for the trip.
I don't have saving account so did not show any.

the documents attached with my application letter were
my passport
my visa application
travel insurance
flight reservation with the travel agent
hotel booking from
my business registration certificate
my official confirm Tomorrowland tickets
my 6 months bank statements of current account.
My tax returns of previous years

my visa was refused and the France Embassy in the refusal letter give a reason that the justification for the purpose and condition of the intended stay was not reliable.

since I have confirmed Tomorrowland tickets which is a huge event in Belgium and i want to attend it I would like to ask can I re- apply from the Belgium Embassy now

In the new itinerary I intend to show that I will be spending 4 nights in Brussels and three nights in Antwerp while I'll be attending Tomorrowland and then 3 Nights in Amsterdam for a total stay of 11 days and 10 nights.

I wanted to know can I reapply from Belgium with this itinerary as I previously never showed that I will be going to Amsterdam when I applied in the French Embassy.

will there be a issue with visa shopping in this case if I show Amsterdam in my new itinerary. Can i show amsterdam or should i just show Belgium and show my stay of 7 nights in Belgium only to avoid visa shopping accusation. ?

And should i mention in my Cover letter why i shortened my itinerary from 24 to 11 days only.? Or not mentioning it will lead to refusal of my visa.?

Also in my new application i intend to attach all previous documents along with

Hotel bookings from travel agent instead of booking. Com
Train reservation from travel agent for train from Brussels to amsterdam

A No objections certificate from my father on his letterhead in his capacity of Parent stating that I am only going for tourist purpose and him guaranteeing that i will return after my duration of trip to my home country. He is a very senior lawyer but not immigration one ;)

Copy of refusal letter from French Embassy

Advise if i should repply from belgium with above details or not and should i attach the refusal letter or not?
and kindly give answer to my other above mentioned questions.

Thanks in advance.

A quick reply will be hugely appreciated.
@Alethia tagging you so you can respond :)



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