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Marrying online

edited July 4 in - USA
I'm from USA n the person I have been talking to for 3 years is from Nigeria n I'm trying to see how we can get married through messenger r online till we figured out the way to get him there


  • edited July 4
    You are wasting your time. No such legal marriage exists. Proxy marriages as they are known are illegal in the USA and every civilised coumtry
    You and your boyfriend need to physically meet and marry standing next to each other in the real world not on messenger
    Cant believe how stupid some people are
  • edited July 5
    Wow. How many times have you been to Nigeria to meet him and his family? If the answer is never then you're not even in a relationship with a real person, they only exist inside your computer. I wonder how much money you have sent this cyber personality?

    In any case your question is of course ridiculous. How in the world could a proxy marriage be legal? You can't marry someone who only exists on your computer monitor.

    Good luck.

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