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Visiting Ankor Wat Cambodia from Thailand

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Hi we are planning a once in lifetime trip around Thailand but also would like to visit Ankor Wat it looks awsome. Howvere just been told the price of the flights and wondered whether it is worth the expense to take my children two girls 6 and 7 there. The flights from Bangkok seem expensive compared to others in Thailand. Also we were looking at a trek in the Jungle at the Elephant hill 3 day safari. Has anyone else done this is? is it worth the money? Should we book these trips in this country especially as we are planning to go beginning of February -peak season. Does anyone know of a reasonable priced family hotel in a beautiful location to spend a few days relaxing - we had been quoted Kantary Bay in Phuket. Has anyone any suggestions?


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    I have visited the places you mention, and would say that Angkor is not a place that young kids would really appreciate that much. Although the temples are visually impressive it really helps to understand what they are about. The other thing is that Siem Reap is really a bit of a dive so if the kids arent blown away by the temples there is little else to fall back on. Elephant Treks are a much better bet for the kids - they should love them. I would book once you are there based on various opinions of other tourists you meet. If you are set on Ankgor, and want to save money, take the bus to the Cambodian border (very good road) and then get a taxi car to siem reap (very bad road but a real experience). Good luck!
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    Hi galaxygibson!
    DavidF is right, the Angkor Wat and Siem Reap in general with its vast number of temples, is more attractive for experienced travelers and may not be a good fit for the kids.
    In Thailand, at Bangkok, Chiang Mai and at the south beachs of Phuket, Krabi or Koh Samui they will have much more fun!
    If you want to visit another country traveling with the kids, I suggest visiting Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia and/or Singapore. The airfare from Bangkok or Phuket is much cheaper than to Siem Reap.


    Ricardo Claudino
    Asia Classic Tours
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    Go for it it is totaly worth it a couple of tips ,
    do the temples with a guide makes the experiance so much better when you know a bit of the history .
    always carry some toilet paper in your back pocket as most toilets wont have any .
    always have a packet of anti diahorea tablets in your bag .
    only drink bottled water .
    carry insect repelant as milaria is still an issue that should not be ignored .
    and remember to barter when shopping the first price is never the lowest price .
    i just returned it is 40 dollars for three days access to the temples or i think 20 dollars for a day US dollars that is .
    the cambodian cultural center is also worth a visit as it has exibits and some live performances as well .
    hope you have a great time .
    i am in kampong cham now 123 klms from phnom penh but am heading back to australia on the 10th of dec .
    cheers trev
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    I booked to go to Wellington/ Auckland/NZ early May. Infos regarding internet surcharge are very inconsistent even on hotel info.
    Any experience with the issue? It will be on my semi working holiday for 2 wks there and internet access is necessary for min. 4 hrs/day. Cheers, AnnX
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