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In love with Egyptian man

Hi 4 years ago I met an Egyptian man we were best friends for a year and together since 3 years, I'm madly in love with him, I have kids he accepted, I traveled to him. To hurghada to meet I'm real life as we met online before only he is from Mansoura and he was so amazing but his family wants him to marry someone else I need help I'm so lost I don't know what to do anymore he is really jealous too he always thinks I'm not loyal yet im I don't do bad, he right now is in the army and I don't even know when to go visit him as he left me in anger he said all the hate made him not love me but yet my heart don't believe I wish fight for him but I just don't know how anymore I live in Ireland, please please can you help me :( I'm so lost and don't know what to do how to do, I don't want to loose him :(
Before when we argued with me and accused me of doing bad he also stated he dont love me and other words but when I finally fought to speak to him normal he said all this was out of anger and when he is angry it's like angry thoughts become reality. I don't know what to do this is only when he is distanced from me. His family never even gave me a chance to meet and get to know me they crossed me out because I have children, what can I do? I'm so lost right now..


  • @secretgirl . you do not understand the Arab mentality . this is a game they all play with mostly foreign desperate in love females. no Egyptian girl would accept this behaviour. get a life find a good Irish lad and enjoy a calm and happy life
  • @secretgirl
    Your relationship never had a chance.Take Lesleys advice walk away. No Egyptian man would marry a woman that could not have children.
    Your wasting time with this Egyptian
  • Ditto. Time you to move on. There is NOTHING for you with this man.

    Good luck.

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