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Dutch Divorce

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This discussion was created from comments split from: I want to divorce my tunisian husband to remarry.


  • Lauren and others. What was the outcome of this? I have a similar situation. I was married to a Tunisian woman, we got divorced in The Netherlands 5 years ago. I am now planning to remarry with my fiancée who is also Tunisian. We however have had to move ahead our wedding because we stumbled upon the fact that my ex never registered our divorce in Tunisia.
    I have had offers from Tunisian lawyers ranging from 2500 TND to 4000 TND. Who can point me towards a lawyer or solicitor that is able to register the divorce? I’d like a lawyer that can take care of this for us but at an acceptable price.
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    You dug up an old post, Please note Lauren has not been with the forum for sometime.

    As a citizen of the Netherlands you are NOT required to register your divorce in Tunisia.
    You are NOT a Tunisian national.
    There is no law in the Tunisian Family Code of Law that requires a person who is not a Tunisian to register the divorce from a Tunisian citizen.
    Even Tunisians are not legally required to do this unless they want to marry again in Tunisia.
    Who ever told you this nonsense just wants to take money from you.

    All you need to marry in Tunisia a second time is your Dutch divorce certificate and a document from the Netherlands stating that you are free to marry.
  • interesting that you have a penchant for Tunisians. your fiance will need to register her divorce which is easy. I presume that she is in the Netherlands? she should take her divorce doc to the Tunisian embassy and they will register and then add it to her birth certificate. she will need this to get her single status and ability to marry. the same goes if she is living in Tunisia. follow @Alethia advice regarding your procedures
  • @Lesley
    Thanks for the support
    You see you dont need to register the divorce
    because you are not Tunisian
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