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Ireland: Dingle Penninsula visit

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Anyone know about the Dingle Penninsula? I want to explore the area as I've heard some rave reviews from travellers. How much time will i need there and where should i be based? I am thinking if the weather is kind to me it would be nice to cycle around there. Is this a good plan - are their cycle paths or decent roads? I have also seen pics of the Blasket islands and they also appeal to me. Are they worth visiting? Thanks, Brian


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    There is no accommodation on the island, but you can visit via the daily ferry and walk around a bit. The island was recently bought by the Irish government as a national park, but as yet there is no real visitor infrastructure in place. The island is of great interest to fans of Irish literature as 3 of the greatest Irish langauge writers lived there. Their cottages are now in ruins though.
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    Mary from Dingle Marine - the ferry operator - tells me:
    "The hostel is closed indefinitely the ferry's do not operate to the Island on October"
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