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edited July 18 in - Tunisia

I’m Lithuanian citizen and my partner is Algerian and we wish to get married in Tunisia? But not sure if we will be allowed to and what are the laws there? Does anyone know what documents required? Or if it’s not even possible ?

Any help would be appreciated

Thank you


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    It is possible to marry in Tunisia but I do not know if your Algerian fiance will be allowed to cross the border vecause Tunisia be came very strict on allowing single Algerian men into Tunisia. Your fiance needs to find out if he can enter Tunisia.

    There is no waiting time to marry in Tunisia.
    1. You will need both passports
    2. You will both require a legal documents stating your free to marry from Lithuania Algeria
    3. A letter from an Imam in Algeria stating your husband is a muslim.
    4. If you have been married before the divorce or death certificate
    5. You will both need your birth certificate issued no later than 21 days before the ceremony.
    6. Blood tests carried out in Tunisia.Any hospital does it.
    All documents should be translated to French or Arabic.
  • Thank you so much for very informative answer. God may bless you.

    I’m just wondering about 2. bit, as I’m not sure where you can get this document. Does it has to be Lithuanian embassy as I’m resident in UK.

    Thank you
  • @Sarune
    1. If you live in the UK you will need to ask some on to get if for you from Lithania. Or from an embassy.
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