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Russian Girlfriend Refused Passport Due To A Bank Loan. possible Scam Advise Please

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Hello all, usual story, met a girl on the internet, talking for a while, sent each other vid clips of each other talking, got a verified photo of her with a written note to me on it. Have not yet met or spoken via Web cam. Always seems to be some sort of excuse, have asked about internet cafe's. Any how she has arranged to come and vist, this weekend, she took out a bank loan to do this. She has got a tourist visa, no problem. But has been refused a passport due to having a Bank loan. Now she says she can not come and requested I send cash so she can pay off the bank loan. Yes suspicious. I offered to send the money direct to the bank to pay off the loan. But this is not acceptable as it could alter the status of her Tourist visa ?? Hmm Is there a way to check is she actually does have a visa ? Is any of what she said true? I have asked for the bank details, the current Hotel details where she is staying, I want to belive her but, it all does not add up to me


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    It is impossible to obtain a visa for any country in the world without a passport.
    So how come Miss Russia (your on line girl friend ) was able to obtain a tourist visa without a passport?
    When you receive a visa it is stamped in your passport you cant miss it.
    No one is refused a passport because they have bank loan. Your being played my friend. Olga from the Volga is playing games and will eventually want money . Which you have been stupid enough to offer.

    Are you really so dim you can not see this is a scam.
    Get off your computer and get a real life.
  • Doh, That is so obvious. I feel like a total bonehead. Thank you very much Alethia, some very good common sense there.
  • Yes definitely s scam, they all start with the same story and then say they don’t have enough money. Avoid any online relationships specially from Russia.
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