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from algeria to uk

hello i have looked on the website and my brother wants to help me as he said he will sponsor my husband
do he need savings in his account and own his own home to do his visa as he is working and earns £1,200 a month maybe a bit more if he does overtime could anyone give me bit more information on this please


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    You give no details regarding what kind of a Visa, or for how long. You don't mention where your brothers lives

    Good luck.

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    Your brother CANNOT support your husband to enter the UK as a spouse. The important word is SPOUSE your brother is not married to your husband you are

    You are his wife and you need to work or be in receipt of disability or carers allowance.

    YOU need an income of £18600 unless you are a carer or in receipt of disability.

    If you dont earn enough you brother can offer what is known as "third party support" but that is only accepted in exceptional curcumstances.Your brothers income is probably too low for "third party support"

    Maria, you married your husband and had a child without any thought as to how you would live together long term
  • ok i have sent you a message thanks
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