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Weather and climate in Minnesota or Wisconsin?

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I'm from Michigan, What is the weather and climate like in Minnesota or Wisconsin?


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    And how deep does the snow get, and how warm are the summers and are the fall colors as pretty on that side of Lake Michigan as it is here?
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    From what I could tell growing up there, the climates are pretty similar in Minnesota and Michigan. It probably gets a little colder in Minnesota (since they keep breaking records for that sort of thing) in the winter, and it's hot and humid in the summer. The fall colors are gorgeous, especially as you go up north toward Duluth!
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    Wisconsin has the best weather throughout the year. The wettest month of the year is August there. In summer, the weather is warm with cool nights. Its climate makes it a good place to live.
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    Weather in Wisconsin is it closer to that of Minnesota or Illinois? I grew up in Illinois (Chicago) and have lived in Northeast Wisconsin for 18 years. It makes a difference what part of Wisconsin you live in. Northeast is between Minnesota, Michigan and Canada to the North. Winter is long and can be brutal, but beautiful according to where you live. Spring through early Summer is wonderful and green. A lot of overnight rains. Mid to late Summer hot and rarely enough rain. Fall is always breathtaking in most areas. Whenever I watch the Weather channel there is always a lot of attention on Minnesota and Illinois. You have to wait for them to display the local weather in Wisconsin. So when it comes to severe weather I watch to see what's happening in Minnesota first.
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