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Nethrland visa

Hey I have applied for Netherland visa where my application was rejected due to below reasons

3)you have not shown that you have sufficient means of subsistence, both for the duration of the intended stay and for the return journey to the country of origin or residence, or for transit to a third country where you will be admitted with certainty, or in the possibility of obtaining these funds legally
8)the information that has been reinforced with regard to the purpose and circumstances of the intended stay is not reliable
9)your intention to leave the territory of the Member State before the expiry of the visa could not be determined

I have submitted fully paid ticket and accommodation all the documents where I made small mistake in noc from office it want mentioned visting family actually am going to IBC for a expo.. even I have attached the invite which is sent by them .. Can I replay for the visa or need to appeal against the same?? Pls help me..


  • @vijayansmp
    You can reapply but you will need more money in your bank account. You did not have enough money and you lied about the purpose of your visit.
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    @Alethia Am ready to show more my mom is sponsoring the trip and also note the trip is entirely paid with return flights and rooms also the transport pass are given by the expo..only I have to take care my boarding.. And I never lied about the trip.. Which was a typo from my hr dept .
  • @Alethia can guide me how to solve this are explain them it's was a typo
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    Your denial was not the result of a simple typo. You could not show sufficient funds, they did not believe the purpose of your visit and you did not convince them that you would return home. They viewed your application as very weak.

    Good luck.

  • @CheersTerry @Alethia I do understand now can I 're apply new application or should i appeal for the same.. pls tell me which will make my application strong enough to overcome all the things.. like mode of funds to show . And I only showed my Sal account with 28k balance should I show more ? And how do I as I have already submitted the documents can I get the cash and convert forex ? Is 1000 EUR enff for 8 days ?.. I dint give any fake documents.. but I made in proper application can It be corrected?
  • @vijayansmp
    What you perceived as a typo cost you the visa
    8 says quite clearly the purpose and intended stay are unreliable.
    Make a fresh application give the correct information regarding the reason for travel and provide sufficient funds
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