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south african tourist visa to morocco

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I am a South African currently in EU for a brief visi, I am thinking of visiting morocco from spain. I need help on whether I can get visa in moroccan agencies in the EU given my nationality. How long does it take and what do I need other than the normal airticket and accommodation requirements. Its urgent and kinda very keen to visit


Malik Mansoor


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    Nothing is ever urgent in Morocco, you will have to go with the flow.

    Normally South Africans must apply for a visa in South Africa for travel to Morocco although as you are in Spain, you must contact the Moroccan embassy in Madrid, you cannot wait until you go to Morocco as you will not be allowed to enter.

    Moroccan Embassy in Spain:
    Calle Serrano 179
    28037 Madrid
    Phone: +34 915631090
    Fax: +34 915617887

    There are also Moroccan Consulates in Alicante, Algesiras, Barcelona, Bilbao, Burgos, Las Palmas, Valencia, Almeria and Seville.
    Where are you in Spain? Get in touch and I will give you the address.

    What you noramlly need is 6 months validity of passport on entry to Morocco
    One passport size color photo with your full name on the reverse
    Copy of your legal status ie work or study permit
    Copy of your detailed flight itinerary and/or copy of the ticket if purchased

    The embassy/consulate will advise if these requirements have changed.
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    Hi Malik Mansoor

    The general rule is that you must apply for your visa from your usual country of residence so it might be advisable to go back home and apply. alternatively, check with the Royal Moroccan Embassy
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