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Weather in Istanbul in november

edited September 2009 in - Turkey
I am thinking of visiting Istanbul in November 2009,but i have problem with winter so how the weather exactly will be at November in Istanbul


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    omar, what did you find out about the temperature-- and rainfall-- in Istanbul in November?
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    November tends to be a chilly and wet month in Istanbul. Though sleet and snow are rare in that month, it is not unusual. The high humidity and wind will make the temparatures seem colder or much colder than they are.
    Warm clothing and an umbrella are essential.

    Monthly average rainfall: 90 mm
    Monthly average temparature: 12°C
    Monthly maximum (afternoon) temparature: 15°C
    Monthly minimum (night) temparature: 8°C
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    Hi im planning to visit Istanbul in November of this year does anyone recommend ?or shall i postpone it? thanks
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    I am travelling to Istanbul, mid of November. Should i pack jackets and jerseys?What should i pack?? Any suggestions please
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    Pack layers!! But do include a warm jacket and comfortable footwear. Can get pretty chilly especially once the sun goes down. May even be worth including a waterproof jacket as well!
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    I know it is a bit late but anyway for the future travellers, November can be either rainy or sunny like a spring day...but not so take some warm clothes ,light ones and enjoy. umbrella , you can get one anywhere in the need to carry one..wear nice waterproof shoes in case it rains a lot..
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