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Currency/ Spending Money in Tunisia



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    I can't guarantee you beach weather. It is getting warmer but it would be a hardy person who would swim in the sea as the water temp is still quite cold. But there will be plenty of sunshine I am sure.

    i hope you enjoy your holiday
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    Thankyou for all the useful info on this site. Me and my two kids, age 10 and 12, are off to Sousse next week (first visit ever to Tunisia). Our interests are swimming, history/culture/architechture, markets, countryside/walks.
    I wonder if anyone out there can help me with 3 questions...
    (1) We were looking forward to seeing some sealife/coral if possible.
    Are there any nice beaches for SNORKELLING (near Sousse, or further afield).
    (2) I've heard that there will be various excursions available from the hotel or holiday organisers, but are these organised excursions value for money? or a bit of a rip off? Would we be well-advised to try some independant travel?
    (3) Assuming we do go off on our own, using public transport, are there any places we should avoid because they're too touristy and commercial, or because they're spoilt or unattractive.
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    Hi Sally, welcome to Tunisia. Sousse (sussa in arabic) is a very ancient area founded by the Phoenicians. In fact, Hannibal used this area as his base against the Romans!! You could almost divide Sousse in 1/2, the old town (medina) and the beach. the medina is very lovely and it's great to get lost wandering the maze like alleyways. Some of the sights to see are: Sofra Cistern, Souq er-ribba, Kalat el Koubba, the museum and Kasbah and of course the beach! There is a very nice market on Sunday in the Souq el-Ahad courtyard but of course it is souvenirs for tourists. Try going to PEK for the day where they have amusement park and acqua palace water park with slides etc. and the marina area is very beautiful to have coffee or lunch or even dinner. You can take the louages to many areas nearby and perhaps you could try this once, but unless you fancy being crampled in a 9 seater mini bus for a couple of hours with two grumpy hot kids then I suggest that you take some of the tours on offer. They are comfortable and I think value for money and you will get to see more than you would if you were trying to get around on your own. Please be aware that the whole of Tunisia is touristique - this is how we survive!! To get off the beaten track needs a hardy and very independant traveller as the conditions can be difficult and I do not advise it - especially with 2 children who will probably want clean bathrooms. A taste of old Tunisia is Kairouan the ancient and very important Islamic city which is quiet and very beautiful. A walk around here will not be so commercial.

    We don't have any reefs here so the chances of seeing coloured fish and coral is rare but snorkelling can still be done and you can go out further into the Med by taking a boat or boat tour. the beaches further towards PEK are very nice but most are dominated by the tourist resorts.

    I hope you will enjoy your stay
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    My girlfriend and I will be coming to Sousse in May this year, and after reading this forum, we are both very very excited. I only came to find out about ATM machines, but the information and tips provided are priceless. Thank you for all of it, and if you see an English guy and Dutch girl milling around the bar in the Sahara Beach hotel in May, come over and say hello :-)
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    I have read all your questions and answers, very helpful. I am visiting Tunisia for the first time on 18th April, staying in Hammamet. My main purpose is to go to Madjez el Bab to the hills (Mansour) near Bou Arada. I have hired a car for one day to do this. The distance seems practial but in view of some comments made, am I right? Also, should a fit solo 65 year old do this? If not what is the alternative.
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    Hi Rog, Sorry for crashing your question, i'm coming to stay in hammamet for a week on 21st and heading for mejez al bab, and the hills around sidi medienne. you sound like your visiting a war grave, that is my purpose for visiting . My uncle is buried there, 6th btn Black Watch . if you want, let me know where your staying we can meet up and have a drink. good luck .Terry
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    Hi Slater - I'm glad you found all the info here useful. And you better beware - have a beer waiting for me LOL!!! I know that you will enjoy your time here
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    Rog - I think you can probably do this but I am not sure that you will have the time to return the car on the same day. the roads are bad and you cannot drive fast and of course you have a windy road also. Fit 65 - that's not old my friend!! You can do anything! I've jsut seen a post from Gadgey who is also wanting to visit the cemetery - why don't you two hook up and share the car and the driving that way you will have some good company and conversation and more importantly another pair of eyes to watch the road and the hazards.
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    Hi lesley,

    have read some of your responses to peoples questions and wondered wether i could pick your brains for a mo?

    Me and my wife are travelling to tunisia in june for 10 nights staying at the royal kenz in port el kantaoui, we are both in our early 20's and were wondering about the resort in general, is there much to do/see, are the locals your typical tunisian with it being a tourist purpose built resort?

    with regards to the clothing issue about keeping your legs covered and things like that, without this meaning to sound quite rude and arrogant already, we wont want to cover up completely in that heat but were wondering what kind of reaction we may get by not doing??? dont really want to go and get into an argument with a local over something like this as i have just returned from afghanistan after 6 months of serving there and this is suppose to be some quality time for my wife and i after so long apart.

    We are quite keen aswell to try our hand at abit of diving and was wondering if you had any idea of what we can expect to pay for this if it is available?

    also with the diallect the locals use, is it in anyway similiar to pashtu? if not where can i find a few useful phrases, things such as thankyou, yes please etc just a few manners.

    thanks for your help

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    Hi Damion - welcome to Tunisia and I am sure that this will provide you and your wife with some rest, relaxation and a happy time. So now, let me try to answer your questions, firstly to dress code. Tunisia is not a super conservative country, however due respect should be paid to the culture and tbh if you and your wife prefer not to be stared at you should take this into consideration. If this is of any help to your wife in particular I wear loose cotton (Indian type) tops/tunics with looser pants/long skirts/jeans etc and I don't feel hot at all. As you have been in Afghanistan you will know that covering keeps the skin from the heat of the sun and keeps you cooler. However, in and around your hotel and resort you can wear as you wish and it is not a problem. The locals here would never think to discuss your clothes or make any comments, it is considered quite rude and is not done. But, just so you know our 'hobby' is watching.........people mostly! LOL, so don't be put off by the stares, it's just part of life here.

    PEK is a purpose built tourist area but the staff are all Tunisians. But you will not see our way of life of course. This can be difficult for tourists at the best of times but your interaction will be with locals. The marina area is really lovely and wonderful for a stroll at sunset, having a coffee (or something else) and eating outside doing what everyone else is doing and watching each other. It's very nice.

    If you want to get away from the resort for a little then I suggest you go to Monastir or Sousse both easy to get to by louage or taxi and wander around, go to the old city and to the markets. Here you will find the locals and see something of the normal day to day life.

    I am not sure of the price of diving, however, your hotel will be able to organise this for you with a reputable company at a fair price.

    Our dialect is not like pashtu - it is based on standard Arabic with local words and mingled with French. some phrases you can use: Hello - Salem Aleikum and the answer is aleikum salem. Goodby - bislemma. Good morning - Sbarkheer. How are you: ca va, labess? and the answer: labess 'humdu'llah Please: aiyshek thankyou: barakolawfik. Yes - aiy and No is le. In general we use aishek a lot!! We use it as please and thankyou. If you have any French then you can use this as well. But in the resort they will be able to speak English but...........thank you so much for wanting to learn a few words. It will be truly appreciated and you will get much co-operation and praise. For a lot more phrases there is a good discussion website - which has a phrase thread which you will find very good.

    I hope you will both have a wonderful time in Tunisia and I wish you an enjoyable vacation.

    PS - you can also look at the Word Travels page on useful phrases for Tunisia
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    Hi there,

    Im a 28yr old female and will be travelling with my 82yr old grandma, we are having a 2 week holiday in May to Hammamet, stayin in Iberostar Chich Khan hotel, just wondered if you could give some advise on safe ways we can get around and what is in the area that we can see, do or visit?

    Many thanks
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    Hi Lesley

    I am going to Hammamet next week with my wife and 2 boys (4yr old and 2 yr old). As we are going to be landing in Tunis Carthage Airport i was wonderin what the best mode of transport would be to get to Yasmne Hammamet and how much this would cost.

    Also, are there lots of things for children to do in Hammamet to keep them entertained?
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    JoWebbo81 - How lovely that you and your grandma are having a holiday together. Hammamet is really a nice city and you can take many day trips from there - to Sousse, Monastir, Mahdia, Karaouin etc. If you look through some of my other posts you will see in more detail about these areas.

    You can organise tours through your hotel which is convenient and quite reasonable in price. This will be the easiest way for you both but if you wanted to be more adventurous you could take the local louages (9 seater mini buses) around. They are cheap but they don't leave until all the seats are filled. But as your grandmother is 82 then I suggest that a large bus will be better and more comfortable for her.

    I hope you will both have a wonderful time
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    Khaj - the best way to get to Hammamet from Tunis is by a shuttle (taxis will cost a fortune and with 2 children I do not suggest the cheaper louages). Two companies which I am recommending at the moment are Holidaytaxis and A2B. You can find these on the web and book on line. You do ask the best way to get to Yasmine Hammamet but this is a little further than Hammamet so it depends where your hotel is.

    There are lots and lots of things for the children - the beach for one/hotel pool etc. Most of the hotels have animation which is entertainment and more importantly specifically target children during the high season. You could also check out the water park at Port el Kantaoui and there is also a zoo in the area. If you wanted to travel further afield you may like to see what the hotel can offer in the way of day trips - perhaps a trip to Tataouine or Matmata to see the Berber cave homes - the children would love this and sometimes they have baby camels that can be bottle fed. Children love this and the baby camels are adorable (yeah - I'm crazy)!!

    I know you will have a wonderful time in Tunisia
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    hi im going to thalassa village skanes in oct alone with 2 kids 6 and 11 you say travellers cheques are not good i dont have bank cards and dont fancy cash on my own is the weather hot and sunny then also have you heard about this resort thanks for your time
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    angel - why don't you organise to get yourself an atm card and that way you can access your own cash as you need it. We use cash for majority of transactions but travellers cheques are dificult here. The weather in October is starting to cool down but it is still warm and for the most part sunny. I have heard about the Thalassa village - it is quite well known for its spa and beauty treatments.
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    Hi Lesley,

    My friend and I are coming to Tunisia for the first time on the 26th September for a week holiday. We are staying in Skanes and literally after a chill out with sun and sea! Any ideas what the weaher wil be like???? I know your not psychic but I was wondering if you could give us an idea! haha. Also, would it be safe for two young (ish) females to walk around and go into the nearby town etc or are we best off staying in our hotel.

    Many thanks
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    Hi Claire - welcome to Tunisie.

    The weather in September will still be warm but the nights will be a little cooler but very, very nice. I suggest you bring a pashmina or such to wrap around you in the evening. You must absolutely get out of the hotel! Skanes is a very quiet area but try taking the louage or even a taxi to some of the nearby cities, Monastir, Sousse, Hammamet - they are lovely and quite lively and Sousse has a beautiful medina. You will be safe but you will be approached, perhaps or stared at. Just ignore it or treat it with humour and you will be fine.

    I hope you will enjoy your vacation
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    Hi, thanks for your help Lesley.

    We had a wonderful holiday and went on a trip through our hotel, best holiday i have had. I am coming back in 1 week and for a month in October. Great place and am recommending Tunisia to everyone i know :)

    Thanks again for your help
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    Hi Jo,

    i am so happy that you enjoyed your time here and great that you are coming back!! October is a great time to visit the weather is cooler and it's easier to get around. Wow, here for 1 month, you'll get to see Tunisie in depth. I wish you a wonderful time
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    Hi Lesley. i have seen that you are the person to ask questions on Tunisia. me and my other half will be going to Hammamet on 5th Sept and i have a couple of questions. we are going AI and are happy to stay in hotel for foos and drink etc. but we are quite young and will be venturing out at night time. how much spending money do you think is wise for a week? we will probally do a day trip of some sort as well .
    Thanks alot.
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    Hi Alice,

    You should venture out!! As you are staying in Hammamet then there are lots of places you can go but try to eat out a few times. The food in the hotels can become quite repetitive and you can have a great meal for just a few dinars. the amount of money you bring is hard to guess at. I'm not sure of your home currency but the GBP is about 2 to TND1 and the US is around 1.5 to TND1.000 but you can check these on the net. Please be aware that alcohol is expensive here, I don't drink so I can't give you exact prices but I know say a vodka and coke is up around the TND10 mark depending on where you buy it. You are allowed to bring alcohol (2 litres) here duty free so if you want to save then bring a couple of bottles and buy the mixers at the supermarket. As a guide and as a local I spend about TND50-70 per week including all food etc. But we don't go to discos or that sort of thing. Maybe depending on how much you have saved budget on TND30 per day which should get you taxis, louages and day trips. This may not be enough or it may be too much, but just a warning, don't change too much into dinar, you can't take it out of the country and you can't use it when you leave in the duty free as they only accept foreign currency.
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    Great Thanks Lesley. we were thinking about £300-400 each so i think this should be plenty! so can we not change dinar back into sterling at airport? the reason we did AI is the drink really as i have been years ago and know alcohol is abit expensive. do you know anything of SAndra Hotel or Happy days Sultan Hotel in Hammamet? we cannot choose!! they are fairly cheap so not expecting the Ritz but wandering if you know anything of them?? Thanks again for your help
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    Alice - I think you will be absolutely fine with this amount. But you might want to check that alcohol is included - I have never heard of this at any of the hotels!! I think you will find that they mean soft drink with your meal and the alcohol is extra. I don't know these hotels to be honest, if they are cheap then like I always get what you pay for.

    You can change dinar back into home currency at the airport but you won't get a fabulous x-rate. It's better to change a little to start and then every few days, this way you won't end up with too many TND
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    Thank you. I have checked and All local spirits wine and beer is included! :) also will it still be beach and tanning weather early sept?? Thanks again
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    Alice wow - if alcohol is included then this is a bargain holiday!! It will definitely still be beach weather but you should be aware that you are coming in Ramadan! This means that we don't eat/drink/smoke/etc from sunup to sundown so some of us become a little testy! Have patience, it's difficult to work and not take a sip of water for many hours in the heat. But you are visitors here and are not expected to take part in this, however, the evenings are wonderful, after eating, we all go out to take coffe/tea, meet with friends and sit and talk so you will find it very lively.
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    Sounds exelent!! does this mean we can stil drink smoke etc within the hotel and out of?? we are very patient and appreciate other cultures so being patient will not be a problem. Would you reccoment PEK or Hammamet for two 21 year olds? hotels seem nice in PEK.
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    Alice - you won't find alcohol outside the hotel. It is forbidden during Ramadan, but I guess that it may be available in touristique areas. As for smoking - just be mindful that we can't and so it is a little more respectful to do it in quiet areas away from the locals.

    PEK is purpose built for tourists. Yes, the hotels are nice but it's a quiet area and mostly couples etc. The marina is really beautiful with lots of cafes, restaurants etc. My advice would be to stay in Hammamet and take taxis into PEK - it's cheap and not far away.
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    How do I stop this?
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