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Jordan - best way to get to Petra?

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I want to head from Israel to Jordan to see the temples at Petra. There is no way I want to miss seeing this incredible sight but I am a little hard up for money. I plan on entering Jordan via the border at Aqaba. What is the best option from there for getting to PEtra? Do I need to take a tour or can i get there on my own steam and see the place without paying for a guide etc. From Petra I want to go to Amman and leave via plane from there. Is there anything worth seeing in the desert on the way to Amman? Any advice on getting the most out of Petra without paying a lot of money is much appreciated!! Thanks


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    Their are local buses and also share taxis that you can take from Aqaba to Petra. The entrance fee to Petra is high about $40 USD for one entrance.
    From Petra you should be able to get a bus or hitchhike to Wadi Rami, which is a great area in the desert about 11/2 hours from Petra.
    Their are local buses and also the shared taxi from anywhere in Jordan and you can take this to Amman,

    Good luck and enjoy
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