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Best place for Northern Lights in Finland

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Where is the place in Finland to go and see the northern lights (aurora Borealis) and experience the ice hotel? I would likl to go there in the Christmas holidays for a 5-day break. Also want to do reindeer sledding and maybe even some skiing. Must stay in borders for Finland for visa reasons. So, where and when to see the northern lights?? Thanks!


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    I was here in January/Feb. and my boyfriend, who is Finnish, and I went and stayed at the Snow Castle Hotel (ice hotel), for one night. Cold, but very fun, and beautiful. We then went farther north into the Arctic Circle (past Santa's Village), to try to see the Northern Lights. We did not have any luck.....according to my boyfriend, the climate has to have certain conditions (i.e. clear sky, no city lights reflections, and not very windy). I have read that the months that I came were the season to see them, but they can occasionally be seen other times of the year.

    Hope that helps.

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    Hi all,
    Can anybody give me some details on when and where to see the northern lights/aurora borealis in Finland? What is the best time of year to go and where should I head? I know there's no guarantee they'll be visible but I want to have the best chance of seeing them as I can!
  • The best place is as far north as you can get. Forget Rovaniemi, you need to be much further north (Ivalo or better still Utsjoki). Aurora Service made a good article about the best place in europe for northern lights have a read of it. 
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