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3 days in Copenhagen - what to see and do?

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I have a 3 days free to spend in Copenhagen in January next year. Any tips on what I must see and do while I'm there? I've seen lists of all the famous sights like to Mermaid and Tivoli but they dont sound that great to me. What would the locals recommend I see? Also interested in advice on best places to eat and drink in Copenhagen, especialy for typically Danish cuisine and in the morning time pastries!

I have also heard about a famous tree where one can go and place a dummy from a child - my daughter wants me to go and do this for here? Any information on this as well please.


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    A little advice from a native.

    Alot of danes almost feel sorry for turist, exited to see The Little Mermaid, because, honestly, its notthing special.. At all.

    As for Tivoli. Im not even sure if its open in January, but if it is, DO go. It can be very beautiful in the evening, and as for eating, theres a place in Tivoli named "Gr
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    Hi there,

    It's dificult so say what to see and not. The city is full of exiting things. But a must see is Tivoli Gardens, the town hall and ofcorse the little mermade.

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