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Jordan - friendly to Americans?

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Is it true that Americans are unwelcome in Jordan? I have read warnings on both the UK and US government sites that refer to hostility to towards Americans because of the Iraq war and support of Israel. I always saw Jordan as a moderate, secular kind of place, and very safe for foreigners. Is it ok for Americans there?


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    Jordan is a very, very safe country and welcomes everyone including Americans. In fact there are a lot of sites that USAid have contributed or sponsor - so please don't be nervous. Forget the travel warnings!!!!! Jordan and Israel have friendly relations and agreements between each other. Jordanians are freindly and very hospitable and will be happy to assist you in any way. But - Jordan is an Arabic/Islamic country so behave in a respectful way and dress modestly and you will enjoy yourself.
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    I am a Jordanian girl and here's what i have to tell you...
    we truly welcome everyone especially Americans and trust me you'll be shocked how people are going to be very hospitable with you and friendly!!
    Jordan is one of the safest countries here in the Middle East and a modern one as well...
    you can find pretty much everything from ur hometown and you won't even notice any difference oh well except for us being darker lol
    anyhow i would be more than glad to help u out in anything u might need if coming here, here's my email u can contact me over
    [email protected]

    Welcome To Jordan :)
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    There is a reason why there are travel warnings!!
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    Kat, you actually have to take the travel warnings from American and UK governments with a pinch of salt. They are normally overly cautious and refer to worst case scenarios. Jordan is a safe and friendly place to travel to.
    Visit for destination advice
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    Daniya, Mathieu - you are so right. Jordan is the most wonderful country. It is safe, the people are warm, friendly and very hospitable - to all nationalities. I have been many, many times and consider myself lucky to have seen a lot of this beautiful country.

    Kat - sometimes governments use political nuance in their warnings. If you want to know more about travelling in Jordan I would be more than happy to advise
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    Hey -- my family is moving to Jordan next year to live and work. We have two little kids. It's good to hear folks believe it's safe to be in Jordan. The travel warnings are pretty alarmist. Would you think traveling by car to and from Amman would be safe and fine? Are there any places to avoid or be extra cautious? Thanks.
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    Mamon - Jordan is safe and the people are extremely friendly so don't be over worried! Where are you travelling to and from to Amman. I have travelled many, many times in a car and I have never had a problem. Of course like any other country there are areas that you shouldn't go to after night fall but with two little children I don't think that's going to be a problem for you. If you are walking around the old city in Amman around the market area then you should make sure that your money and valuables are safe - pickpockets work in these areas.

    I am sure you are going to enjoy your new life in Jordan = there is so much to see and do!
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    Does anybody know if there are charities/churches/community services available to assist visitors to JORDAN (Amman) who had backpacker type budgets, but have fallen on hard times ?
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    Angela - many organisations can assist however, if you are not a resident (I presume not) then I doubt you are going to have much luck. Can your family not help you? If you have fallen on hard times then I suggest you contact your Embassy and see if they can assist in some way.

    Good luck
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    What are the job opportunities in Jordan? I wish to live and work there, can someone help me. My email id is: [email protected]
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    Don't believe what you hear in the news...I'm an American who's lived in Jordan for a year now. When I first arrived, I really thought everyone would hate me because of the war in Iraq. I still have not had one single person ask about this. It's like they don't even know. Everyone really loves Americans...we are treated like royality...actually better than Jordanians. Everywhere I go I am welcomed and invited in for tea, coffee, dinner...whether it's a home, a business or a government office. Americans have aided the people here for decades and they really are grateful and just want to know about us. It is MUCH safer than America...there are no gangs, no rapists, no two young children cruise the village unaccompanied all the time and everyone greets them with warmth where ever they go. They are always very helpful and everyone gives them money, food and drinks...really don't believe the American media.
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    Jordanian are one of the most friendliest people in the world, I was born in Thailand but grew up in Los Angeles. I've been to Jordan twice (Delta airline crew) and have never felt so welcome, and I have traveled to all the states in the US, and many countries around the world. Thais are known to be friendly and I was pleased to have spent time in Jordan and can assure you readers that you will feel safe and nobody in Jordan will cheat you out of your money. If I can regularly fly one trip over and over, I would choose Jordan!!!!!
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    hi every one, some time ago i met a friend through the internet and he is a jordanian man, he seems to be very nice and he is always talking to me ,we have become best friends ,i have invited him to come to see me to the usa or mexico since i own a home there but its easyer for me to come to jordan then it is for him , i want to meet his family and friends and offcourse petrs lol , i also want to see the place where jesus was baptised, the thing is that i hear a lot of bad things about the middle east and i really have never been face to face with this person so im scared ,can any body give some advice , i truely want to meet this person and his family and their culture.
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    hi guys i forgot to leave my email adress ,please if any one can give me some aqdvice i will truely appreaciate it, my email adress is [email protected]
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    Hi every body , I will be traveling to jordan in march 2011 , i am a budget traveler so i probably will stay wherever is cheapest lol, i love the arabian culture and it has always been my dream to go there , not long ago i met a friend through the net and we have talked for a while , he invited me over and his family too ,but i feel very nervous , i heard that atm cards are not of a lot of help there so what can i do to keep myself save ? cause i know i have to have cash with me .
    my friend asked me to stay with them ,they live in ashshawbak ,but i only know him through cam and text or voice call and i just feel uneasy, can some one give me some help and advise? i really want to go.
    please email as soon as possible , [email protected]
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    Hey everybody, i'm doing a project on Jordan for school. So like, none of this makes sense to me...why would they not like Americans? And does the US support Jordan? , if so how? please helpl me...i have tried for a week to research this with no luck. :(
    please help
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    Politically speaking, Jordanians do despise America's political attitude toward the region, mainly in Iraq and Palestine. The unjust the people have seen from U.S toward these two countries have affected the Jordanians deeply. Not a single draft resolution condemning Israeli's actions have passed under UN without U.S being the only country among the P5 who vetoed against it. In addition, Israel has refused to comply with the implementation of the Security Council resolutions previously agreed upon (242 of 1967 and 338 of 1973), and always have the U.S unconditional support to protect it against holding any liability toward its actions. That's said, Jordanians don't hold any hatred or grudge against Americans, on the contrary there are plenty of Americans already living, studying, touring and working safely inside Jordan, and they are welcomed like any other foreigner with the warm and hospitable spirits that we Jordanians are famous with.
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    Efra...DO NOT go over to another country to meet someone you met online!!!!!!!!!!!! Have you heard of human trafficking? Please, please.....this is not a good idea - no matter what country!!
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    Hi, I'm an American about to move to Jordan for two years to teach with the Peace Corps. More than likely I will be living in a rural community, since most Americans who have had good experiences in Jordan resided mostly in the urban areas would you say that the poorer, more pastoral Jordanians are just as welcoming? Any tips on how to better acclimate myself into my new community?
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    Hi,,I am Jordanian,,anyone wants to know about Jordan or Arab community at all,,i am here for you,u can send me at [email protected]
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    Hi. am Jordanian and i would love to share this! actually there's no doubt that for someone from another country who wants to live, visit, or spend sometime in Jordan would feel that gap, i mean change, especially western people! i've been chatting with a foreign girl and we've planned for meeting, though i really want to be fair and not to suddenly let her feel this change! so am trying to help here, honestly, love only aint enough, you need to spend some time together be4 planning for anything, once you are clicking. then it should be a sign that u will be okay.. seriously there are details that i hardly can mention here, but if anyone needs some help with information about Jordan etc. contact me at [email protected] and i will gladly help :) BEST WISHES
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    Jordan peoples are known for their hospitality. Jordan is a very safe place to visit. No doubt about that. Come and explore this beautiful country. I have enough experienced with Jordanian peoples. They welcome every kind of foreigners.

    Travel Agent in Jordan
  • Hi I will be moving to amman in October this year with my husband whom will be working with the Jordanian army.
    Can anybody tell me the housing situation out there are you restricted with bedrooms will it be on a compound. Also schooling my son will be sitting his GCSE next year so would it be better for him to finish these before joining us
    Any information would be very much appreciated.

    Kind regards
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    I would be delighted to have the chance to live in Jordan.I have lived and worked in other Arab nations and it was some of the best times in my life. The culture and history in Jordan is amazing.

    Why you would believe you are restricted with bedrooms? Normally villas have a minimum of 3 bedrooms and are large and spacious. Living on a compound is  not as bad as it sounds, compounds are gated communities with an excellent standard of houses, sometimes a swimming pool and mostly expatriates living there. 

    There are many different schools in Jordan and the New English School teaches the English school curriculum up to 18 years of age, so no need to leave your son out of the  adventure.

    There are many  helpful sites on the web such as
    Your husbands employers should normally provide information regarding your entitlements, housing healthcare  etc
    Have a great stay in Jordan Good luck.
  • Hi Tracey, I am jealous! I have lived in Jordan and continue to visit whenever I get the chance. Amman is a great city with the mix of new, old and ancient. You will be warmly welcomed and you and your family will be accepted with much hospitality. You dont say your home country but many of the embassies hold functions for their expats and these can be a great opportunity to re connect with your community and make friends.

    Jordan is the most beautiful country so take advantage to see as much as you can while you are there. And the food.........yummmmm!

    I do hope you will enjoy your assignment
  • Hi I am planing to go visit my friend in late of Summer 2015 to Jordan Amman.
    Do I need to apply for passport. I will be there no more than 3 weeks.
    Is it safe to go to this country?
  • Of course you need a passport. You may also need a visa depending on what country you're from.. You obviously have not read the previous posts in this thread which clearly state that Jordan is a safe place.
  • osamy - Jordan is a very safe country. The people are friendly and very hospitable. I was there only a couple of weeks ago and it is peaceful and calm. Amman is a wonderful city, quite multi-cultural with many expats there working.

    I hope you can go elswhere in the country as there is a lot of history to see there.  Please go and enjoy yourself and remember to take that passport!!
  • Hello next year my kids and I maybe moving to Amman Jordan to be with my an American and my husband is from Jordan. My kids r worried that the school will be difficult to adjust. I have a freshmen and a first grader. Are the American schools in Jordan just the same?
  • Hi Bhiyari. I'd suggest having a look at the Expat Arrivals forum - a lot of expats with kids live in the Middle East and will hopefully be able to give you some on-the-ground insights. In general, international schools specialise in making the transition easier. While being concerned is natural, as long as you've done your homework and have a fairly good idea of what to expect, you should be fine. Best of luck on your move!
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    I mean U.S passport book and not passport card.
    If I only stay less than a month a U.S passport book should be okay or is it I need to register for U.S passport card instead? And yes thank you for reading my confusing Questions. Please have a beautiful day and Aloha!
  • Osamy to travel internationally you need a passport.
    The US passport card is used only to enter the USA, you cannot use a passport card outside the USA
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    So I only need a passport book? Which I have already. Thank you so much. You had been so helpful. I really appreciated your time Alethia. And thanks again Lesley for explaining and to give time and make time to explain for me to understand...I am always appreciated. Oh please have a beautiful days always...Alethia and drives safely and a great years to come with good health, good fortune, good people surrounded both of you and Taloofa!
  • osamy, the confusion here is your terms "passport book" and "passport card." There is no such documents called by those terms.

    You need a Passport to travel. That's all. It says your country on the outside cover, the inside has your photo and all your personal information, the rest of it has 15 - 30 blank pages. It's called a Passport, don't confuse the issue by saying book or card.

    Does this make sense now?

    Happy travels.

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    For some reason Terry lots of people refer to their passport as a "book". Jamaicans for example used to have blue passports (thier now red) but I have heard many Jamaicans refer to their passport as  "me blue book".

    It is also very common in the USA this passport help site refers to the passport book


    I only know this because of my job,  I found it very odd to in the begining.

  • Interesting, I had never heard that term before and my brother-in-law is Jamaican!

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