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Tunisia-seeking advice on the itinerary

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I am a solo Asian woman traveller, been to Turkey, Middle East and Morocco before. Plan to visit Tunisia in mid-Oct for 2 to 3 weeks. Big fans of architecture, villages and local craftsmanship but do not like beaches nor holiday resorts.

Any advice which touristic spots should be skipped?


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    Hi and welcome to Tunisia. There is much to see here but if you don't like the beaches then stay away from Skanes, Port el Kantoui, but some beautiful architecture can be seen in Nabeul, Sidi Bou Said (white washed walls and blue doors)Monastir. The capitol Tunis is a large and bustling city but all around you will find the remains of Carthage - not to be missed! And of course the old Medina which really is lovely. Don't miss Douga or Sbeitla which have fantastic Roman remains very well preserved. Also you should go to Tataouine and Matmata for the Berber caves many of which are still inhabited.

    Enjoy your vacation
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    Hi Lesley,

    Thanks for the advice. Any comments about staying in Sousse for day trips to Kairouan and Monastir? And then use the public transportation to get to Douz?


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    Hi HK_Solo - sorry, been in the south for a few days and there is no internet there!! Kairouan is a wonderful beautiful city - a definite must on the tourist trail and Monastir is charming. Don't know about the public transport from Monastir to Douz but I'll ask for you and post again asap
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    Me and my friend (both chinese females) are planning a trip to see the highlights of Tunisia for upto 10 - 14 days in mid Jan 2011. We're considering either back-packing trip or join a packaged tour. We would like to cover the ancient sites & cities and most regions of Tunisia including the Sahara desert in the South & Djerba. My questions are:-

    (i) Is it safe to do backpacking in Tunisia?
    (ii) Is it feasible to cover the areas listed above in 14 days?
    (iii) Is it easy to find local tour operator who has english speaking guide + information in english?
    (iv) Where is the most central location for us to book accommodation so that we can cover more grounds and to find good local tour operators?
    (v) Which budgel hotel accommodation would you recommend?
    (vi) Best mode of transportation between cities/regions?

    Many thanks,

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    Kyra - firstly I do not advise that two young females back pack around Tunisia - not a wise idea!
    In order for you to see all the sites here then I suggest that you book a tour with a Tunisian travel company. Majority of agents here have multiple languages so that is not a problem.

    Tunisia may only look like a small country on the map but the distances between areas take much travel time due to the traffic, bad roads and weather conditions.

    You can't have a central base here in Tunisia as I said I live in the north and to travel just 300km or thereabouts to our farm in the south takes us up to 5 hours in the car!! Hope that gives you some idea of time travel!!

    The only method of transportation here between regions is by car, louage or bus. You can fly from Tunis to Djerba (it can take 5-7 hours by car).

    If you want further information, then please just send me an email to the below and I'll respond.
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    Me and my freind, two English females are traveling to Tunisia in February. I went a couple of years ago with my farther and loved it and wish to re-do the journey we did with some added extras. Last time we were based in Sousse at a very cheap hotel, took trips to Port el Kantoui , Hammamet, El Jem and sidi bu said, and then left most of our luggage in Sousse whilst we took a 3day trip down south, went on the train to Gabes then a louage to Matmata and spent a night there, then on to Douz and spent the night there and took a 4x4 into the dessert, then went on to Tozeur and spent the night there and went to the forty days and forty nights museaum. Then we went back to Gabes and back up to Sousse.
    To amend this journey for me and my freind, is it possible to go from Tozeur up into the mountains? That was the only scenary missing from my previous trip! I was wondering about places to stay. Maybe going to Tamerza, Kasserine then Kariouan and back to Sousse. Were only there 12 days. Me and my dad managed what we did the previous trip in 14days though. Hmmm. A tad worried cause were two females, but I got a taste of it when I was with my dad, trying to buy me and what not. i'm good at ignoring them. Any suggestions and comments that may help,
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    Kay, before I answer you just let me know which mountains you are talking about. Then I can sort it for you.
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