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Sitges - suitable for straight travellers?

edited September 2009 in - Spain and Portugal
Myself and my husband are wondering whether to visit Sitges in the middle of October as it always looks such a wonderful place. However, there is quite a lot made of it's 'gay' connections so am a bit worried we may feel 'out of place' - would we? Also, have read that it can be really lively but we're looking to relax - presumably the lively places are not 'in your face' if you're not looking for them - ? Another thing, the weather - anyone know what we may expect for a few days from 16th Oct?
Would appreciate comments from those who have visited. Thanks!


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    It is true that Sitges is very gay friendly, but this is woven into the fabric of the actual village. Gay and Straight life is intertwined and each alternative is accepted and welcomed.

    In October, the town is quieter, so you wont have as many gay tourists in the town anyway. But a lot of locals and expats who live here are gay and have businesses that cater to everyone.

    Sitges can be as relaxing or as hectic as you like. Its really up to you to set the pace. October weather can still be mild. There have been beautiful days on the beaches, but at night you might need a light jacket or cardigan.

    Hope this helps.
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    i went there with my husband this summer and it was wonderful...yes alot of gay men....but we didn't feel at all out of place. I would go again and recommend it to anyone!
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    Hi, I live in Sitges and it can surely be nice still in Oct., bring cardigans as evenings are cooler and also waterprooves, when it rains,as it very well may, it is torrential.
    The gay comm. is vey much reduced by Oct. but you can still see many and it is not a prob. at all.
    Sure you will enjoy it. Dont forget to visit Barcelona and Gaudi´s wonders. It is a must. Have fun!
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    Thank you ALL for your comments. We are really keen now to go to Sitges - but are having trouble finding a hotel!!
    I'd chosen either The Calipolis or The Celimar (Not The Celimar Centre) but, after looking on TripAdvisor (bad idea??) - there were SO many negative comments about both these hotels - and most of the others too!!
    We want somewhere that's close to everything as we want a lazy holiday (not the 10 minute walk into the centre for restaurants each evening). We do like somewhere nice, clean, welcoming and with a bit of class but seem unable to find the one. Any of you helpfu people know of 'the one'?? Are going on 15 October for 3 nights only so guess pool not essential.
    We thought we may have room only and have breakfast out - good or bad idea?
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