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What to see in Nairobi

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Is there anything worth seeing in Nairobi itself? The city gets a pretty bad rap with all the crime and grime, but there's gotta be something worthwhile in there right? If I had 48 hours to kill in the city waiting on a visa, what should I go and see and do within Nairobi itself?


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    Nairobi has many things to offer, 48hrs theres many a place and excurtions you must/see or go. the National Park is 10 minutes drive from the city. The city tour - bomas of kenya/giraffe centre/ karenblizen. The shadrrack p. baby elephant orphanage. You may also take day drive to Lake Naivasha and or Lake Nakuru. Nairobi nite life is rich. WHICH ARE AN HOUR/2 TWO HOURS DRIVE
    And its save and secure when guided by good safaris operators.
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    We visited Giraffe Manor and the Elephant Nursery (featured on a Jack Hanna television program) and loved them both. I HIGHLY recommend the elephant nursery. There are great Masai Markets where you can barter and get really cool stuff CHEAP. I know there's one at the village market shopping center on Fridays and at another mall on Tuesdays.
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    Have you seen our travel guide to Nairobi? Its got info on what to do and see, and other useful travel details.
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    48 hours you can consider Nairobi's new look of excursions;"Into the footsteps of Masai trails". This is a full day excursion to lake Magadi with activities; herbal warm springs dip,walking around the breath taking Rift Valley escarpment,water falls and the scenic crater highlands.
    This can be complimented by the excursions to Karen Blixen museum, Giraffe center and Nairobi Safari Walk which takes roughly an hour per excursion.Nairobi Railway museum is also recommendable while at the city center
    Note:The animal orphanage is open between 10.00 am to 11.30am and
    game drives in Nairobi N/P is ideal late afternoon.
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    Hi Devi!
    Nairobi has alot of atractions as national parks and hike mt kenya if u can but more than all if possibel come in tanzania its not so far from nairobi $ 30 - 40 by car to tanzania.

    you can visit to ngorongoro, serengeti, manyara or climb mt kilimanjaro its up to you.

    email [email protected]

    good luck
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    hi, David,
    What you are looking is excursions in Nairobi, leave Tz away we have all in Nairobi just contact.
    Acacia Holidays Ltd on [email protected] and pick you up for a memorable full day Excursions.
    They did this after My wedding since I had no plans for a nice honeymoon.
    I loved it all.
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    I would definitely recommend visiting the elephant orphanage run by the David Sheldrick trust. This chairty was featured in the bbc programme 'elephant diaries' and does really great things for elephant conservation. If you arrive there in the morning you get to see the young orpans being fed very close up which is a really great experience! Just ask at most hotels and they can book you a taxi there.
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    Yes I know Nairobi has some security concerns but its tourist’s attractions really overcome these concerns. It has a huge list of tourists attractions that includes Nairobi National park, Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage, Giraffe Centre, Ol Donyo Sabuk National park, Uhuru Gardens, Bomas of Kenya, Westlands by night and many more. Apart from tourists attractions Nairobi also offers numerous activities to do including Safari in central Nairobi Park, dancing in clubs, ice-skating at Panari and shopping in Village Market etc.
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    Do you know any trustably safari company operating national park safaris from Nairobi ?
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    any masai markets for souvenirs of african tribesmen in nirobi itself? also isnt carnivore restaurant an attraction? IS there another carnivore type food joint to explore & try out game meat? in nairobi itself??
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    Guys, this forum is part of a large travel site, which has excellent city guides including Nairobi. Please check out the guide and see if many of questions are already answered there!
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