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Diving in Dahab

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I want to go to Dahab and spend a week relaxing and doing some diving. I have heard that the best diving is further down the coast at places like Sharm, but Dahab suits my plans better. Is the water quality ok there and the dive schools reputable? How far out do I have to go to find living reefs and good fish life? Any tips on where to stay while I'm there. I did visit 15 years ago (!!) but I stayed in a real hole and ended up getting sick. Dont want to repeat the experience!! Any tips appreciated.


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    Dahab's claim to fame as a diving destination is the Blue Hole - about 10 mins north of the resort. Awesome diving and water quality is plenty good. Watch out though - it is very deep and very dangerous!
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    Oh and the main difference between Sharm and Dahab is that there are lots of Israelis and pot smokers at Dahab, but not Sharm which attracts more package tourists and passionate divers. Just my opinion!!
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    We just came back from two weeks in Dahab. It is less developed than Sharm and with fewer of the "Brits on holiday" element. The dive sites are not on the scale of Ras Mohammed, but some are really lovely. Bells to Blue Hole has been mentioned - fantastic site - lots of healthy coral despite a lot of snorkeller fish. Also, Islands, Eel Garden, Canyon, Three Pools, Umm Sidd, Abu Helal all lovely sites within around 15-20 minutes of Dahab.

    We are relatively inexperienced divers, but we had a great break. We stayed at the Iberotel Dahabeya, but dived with Fantasea Red Sea. The hotel was lovely but a fair bit out of Dahab town. The Dive Centre had a hotel attached, the Coral Coast. We had a look around the hotel and ate in the cafe most days. Would definately think about staying there next time...
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    I have also been to dahab, and although I am not a diver I did go snorkeling. It was absolutely gorgeous! If I remember correctly we didn't have to go out far to reach the nice sites. To me the water quality was nice, but I'm not sure what you mean by this.
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    I have just come back from Dahab and can definitly recommend staying at Coral Coast Hotel and diving with Fantasea on site. My partner completed his PADI there, I had planned to do mine too but found I was pregnant but never the less, the snorkelling is great and the staff at Coral Coast and Fantasea are top class. FYI I did not come across any Isrealis in Dahab and was never offered drugs. If you like 'traveller' style instead of tourist holiday then Dahab is definitly the place to go, very chilled out.
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    Thanks everyone for the great advice. Dahab is confirmed.
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