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Visa required for an egyptian to travel to the Philippines?

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Is a visa required for Egyptian nationals to travel to the Philippines? Anyone who knows?


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    Yes, a visa is required and passport must be valid for 6 months from date of intended departure.
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    Good Morning
    You would require a visa to visit the Philippines, unless you were a former national of the Philippines and have valid evidence of this.
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    I am an American travling to Luzon and wanted to know if I need a passport, or need to know anything big before I go?
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    hi jim... you dont need a visa going to phils.
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    but jim you will need a passort, it is very important...
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    Everyone, listen up! For foreign national, Philippines do not require any visa at all. But you are allowed to stay for 21 days only. If you do intend to stay longer than 21 days, you need to contact the immigration or better yet when you are in the immigration at the Philippine airport, ask them for instruction. The only requirement the immigration will ask you is your intent of travel and your return ticket.
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    hi! my country(Philippines) welcome all foreign nationals for any travel purpose and once you got there you can apply an alien visa or whatever visa you need for a legal and worry-free long period stay but best is find a good travel agency that will organize your trip!
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    hi i am nepales n i want 2 know am i qualified 2 vist phillipne with out visa for 21 days??
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    hi, im egyptian
    i want to travel to phillipines to marry, do i need a visa to go cebu,phillipnes...?
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    hi im fillipena i want to go to egypt can i get the visa at the airport in egypt
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    Both Alona and Isabel have stated clearly that:
    IF you intend to stay LONGER THAN 21 DAYS its prefarable to apply for a visa in your home country OR you can inquire about how to extend your duration upon landing in the Phillipines or before your 21 days are over.
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    To all Foreign Travellers going to the Philippines. All Americans, British, Australian, Canadian and Brazillian nationals are allowed to enter the Philippines for a time being of 21 days If you're intend to stay longer you can contact the nearest immigration in the Philippines for an extension, requirements will be given to you by the immigration officer but you have to do it early before your visa expires or you can always ask the embassy or consulates in your country before travelling to the Philippines, they would sure know the requirements.

    To All Southeast Asian countries, British National Overseas, Portugese Passports issued in Macao, and HongKong special administrative passports will be allowed in the Philippines for only 7 days, immigration will be huge help if you want to stay longer in the country just renew your passport and ask them for requirements.

    To all Nationals that were not included in the 21 days travel validity in the Philippines you'll need to get visa at the Philippine Embassy in your country. People travelling from the middle east including the African side like Egypt and Sudan, you'll need to apply for a visa in the Philippine Embassy and this process will take a longer time, a time being of about a week or more because they'll need to send your application in the Foreign Affairs in the Philippines for security reason. These apply to all nationals coming from the Middle East except Israel, some part of southeast Europe, some part of Asia and the Americas.

    For Filipino nationals or Philippine National, you'll be allowed to go to some country without any visa such as HongKong and southeast asian nation only for a time being of 7 days. Other country like the middle east, Africa including Egypt, Europe, the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, Scotland, The European Union, Australia, and Japan, you'll need to get the visa before travelling from their Embassies in the Philippines. For further information please contact any people from their Embassy for Temporary Visa or Tourist Visa requrements for filipino citizens.
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    For Filipino nationals who wanted to go to Egypt, you need to apply for an entry visa to the Arab Republic of Egypt Consulate office in Manila. Fees depends on the visa you requested. Consulate Address is at the 7/F Corporate Centre, Legaspi Street, Legaspi Village, Makati. Applications are accepted only on Monday, Wednesdays, and Friday from 9:00 am to 11:00 am. Make sure you bring all the required documents i.e. valid passport, letter of invitation from an Egyptian friend (if you have), his bank certificates, copy of his passport and his driver's license or national id, your employment certificate, ITR, your bank certificates, also attach a business card if you have. Processing time varies as they need to pass this on to the Ministry of Immigration in Cairo. Been there so i knew. I am visiting again this December just waiting the papers my friend couriered to me last week. Hope you enjoy Egypt the way I did that's why I am coming back after a month.
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    my egyptian fiancee process our marriage license wht visa do i apply?
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    Hello everyone,

    Some countries are required to have entry visa some do not. You can follow this link to find out all your answers.
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    my BF is a UK citizen I just found out that he is only allowed to stay for 21 days which I already book a flight for mar 10 going back on the 8th which is 28 days stay in Philippines and we will departing soon March 10 and I dont think he can secure his visa right away. Is it possible to fly then extend his visa upon arrival or go the nearest Immigration office? and how much will the fee?
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    Hello Jo,

    When you bf arrives in the Philippines, all he will need is a passport. He does not require a visa. Upon his arrival he will be granted 21 days. If he is planning to stay 28 days. Then he can go to the nearest immigration office before his twenty one days is up and he can get a extension for another 39 days. That is the smallest extension they have.

    He does not have to extend before he arrives. He can do that any time after arrival...

    The fee for extension will cost all in all around P 3500 to P 3800
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    Hi my Egyptian friend applied me, for an visit visa there in Egypt, what are the documents do I need to prepare when I receive invitation in Egypt?.. I have no work, is still they find it?
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    I am Filipino visiting in Egypt, my Egyptian friend applied me for visit visa there in Egypt, what are the thing I expected to have?, and what supporting documents do I need to prepare, noted that I have no work here so my friend applied me visit visa not tourist visa.. please help me..
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    hello! i justa want to get an information because i am currently working here in saudi arabia in jeddah,and and my friend egyptian wants to go with me in my vacation on may 2011..and he really wants to go in it possible that we can go together in philippines?or not?and do we need to pay for that?please help me and tell me what should i do..thanks a lot ...

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    hi...i am a filipino and i am working here in saudi arabia jeddah..and i am so excited for my upcoming vacation on may 2011..and i have friend egyptian that wants to go with me in philippines on my vacation..what are the supporting document that i have to prepare for him ...?and for how many days he can onl;y stay in philippines?and who can help me for this?should i spend a lot of money for it?pls help me and give me information ...thanks a lot pls reply asap.
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    Tell him to contact the Philippines Embassy in Egypt:

    No. 14 Mohamed Saleh St.
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
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    hi im filipino and my faience bring me here in egypt to get married and i am living now can i get the Egyptian nationality and do i still need my Philippines passport if i go back to the Philippines and how can i renew my Philippines passport
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    hi im a filipina im married to an egyptian i want my family to visit me in egypt.. is there a way where can i send them a visa from here.. using my requirements and bank account?? pls contac me in this number,0101230479
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    hi im a filipina im married to an egyptian i want my family to visit me in egypt.. is there a way where can i send them a visa from here.. using my requirements and bank account?? pls help me call me in this number 0101230479
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    my daughter is egyptian. do i need to get philippine visa to go to philippines? i am daughter can get philippine pasport in philippines once she goes with me but before that what are the requirements to get a tourist visa for my egyptian daughter?
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    to have a philippine tourist visa how much money u have to declare in ur bank account? thanks
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    Is it really necessary to have a bank statement to apply for a philippine visa? what if the person doesn't have an account to any bank? is there any other way to get visa without that document??? please help..thanks in advance...:)
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    hi im Philippines national .. im living in united arab emirate .. me and my 3 years old baby has Philippines [passport and my 4 months old baby has Syrian passport .. do i need to apply visa for her to go Philippines for 4 months duration .. she still dont have Philippines passport yet..still on process .. but i want to go home this week .. do i need visa for her even im a Philippines national ( my husband is Syrian national .)
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    This question is for LOLA. I'm so happy you've been to Egypt for so many times. I would like to know how much money do i need to declare in my bank account so that the Egyptian Embassy will grant me a visa? Do i need a 100 thousand for that? Thank you very much and highly appreciated a response from you. :)
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    hi...i'm a filipina,my boyfriend is an egyptian national and he is working in Mecca,Saudi Arabia for now and he is planning to visit me in the Philippine's this February 10, year for 10 days...does he in need to get the visa first before he can enter the Philippine?please help me,i need your help so much...thank you
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    my boyfriend an Egyptian national who is working in Mecca,Saudi Arabia has already got a ticket to go here in the Philippines as a tourist..does he still in need the visa to enter the Philippines?please help me...i need your answers as much as possible...thank you
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    LOLA: woW! thanks for that info! I have also a friend there and he's inviting me...are u there now in egypt? i want to know more info about egypt, can we have some talks, here's my e-add [email protected]

    KAREN: good to know that you are also filipina Karen...i got ur contact number...i want to know the things you have been through there in egypt(the visa, the marriage papers needed, etc)...were you married there in egypt? i am very much interested cause i think i will have the same situation like you, so if you dont mind can we talk in YM, here's my ID/e-add [email protected]

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    Kamusta po?
    I have questions.
    First of all, I gained Malaysian citizen since birth and the rest of my siblings are Filipino citizens , parents are both Filipinos. My father is a seaman and brought my mom with him... that explains where I was born.
    I also got my education in Philippines ,since we have home there in QC and Iloilo.
    I am happily married for 6 years to an Egyptian citizen.
    He is an expatriate of Malaysia and under a spouse visa (one of Malaysian benefits).
    I am helping to manage his business since he is working in one of the hotels here at daytime.
    I visit my family last year without my husband, after the local Philippine Embassy informed us that my husband have to go back to his country of origin and apply visa to go to Philippines.
    We are planning to go to Egypt and visit his family in Al Mansura and apply visa to Philippines to visit my family.
    Now with all the chaos in Cairo, where Philippine embassy is located, we cannot go there and we can not visit again in Philippines. To make matters worst, my father came back home from overseas just to see both of us. He almost got into trouble in his work since he just took a month's off previously.
    We do not know when will Egypt's issues finish so we can go there safely.
    My family in Philippines are having reunion to see all of us, include my brother & sister who also came back home. That's filipino family culture. We are proud of it.

    My husband have work and business here in Malaysia. He also wanted to see my whole family even before our engagement due to his work and both conflict schedules from my family side, we only register our marriage but we postponed our wedding celebrations since my husband and his family wanted my family to come as well especially my father.
    We felt that we are really torn apart by politics and its protocol but all we wanted was visit my family.
    My father's wish is to meet my husband face-face.
    Is there any way for my husband to go to Philippines even 3-5 days without going to his country of origin? Or, my family in Philippines, Can they send invitation letter or an appeal letter to DFA?
    What shall we do to enter in Philippines?
    Please share your ideas and suggestion.
    Any comments are highly appreciated.

    Thank you and good luck to everyone.

    Our Best Regards,

    This is our e-mail: [email protected]
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    Hi! I'm a Filipino working here in Saudi Arabia. I have a Pakistani friend who wants to go with me on my vacation this year. Can i ask what are the documents he will needs to travel? And how long he can stay in the Philippines? Hoping for your immediate response. Thank you
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    hi! I just married an egyptian december last year. I already had a visa to travel to egypt now and planning to travel to egypt by 1st week of april.. Just lately that i discover that my husband is sort of strict when it comes to my concern. Like how i dress, walk, talk etc.. Though im im confident of my husband love towards me.. I want to know from other filipina married to egyptian in egypt how they cope with it.? Any tips for me? Salamat!!!
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    my Indian friend wants to visit philippines for the 2nd time. His 1st visit had a problem due to overstaying in Phils. he applied again for visa 2nd time but he got denied. Then he adviced me to provide at least an invitation letter from him so he can easily get visa. What shall i do. What office will i ask for the invitation letter i provide for my friend. Can we do it online? thank you
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    im a filipina working in Dubai, UAE..i have an egyptian boyfriend and his also working here in UAE he wants us to get married here as soon as possible. what are the documents that we need, for us to get married
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    Hi kamusta po mga kababayan ? I have some questions regarding to my son. I currently live here in Canada with my significant other n my son for almost 3years But now I am planning to visits in our native country for 5 weeks. My son was born in Philippines but his passport is canadian passport . Should I apply him a visa or not necessarily to?
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