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Holiday in Cameroon

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hi i am hoping to travel to douala in cameroon for 2 weeks at the end of december to attened a wedding there but i am finding it very difficult to get there i only require flights & hotel for my stay but so far have not managed to get any tour operators to go with i will be travelling from london england & am a UK passport holder i would really appreaciate your help with this i hope you can help in some way many thanks


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    Although there are no longer any regular flights to Cameroon from the UK, there are quite a few options for finding connecting Cameroon flights - either through other European cities such as Paris (Air France), Zurich (Swiss) or Brussels (Brussels Airlines); or through other cities in Africa, including the Libyan capital Tripoli. Most international flights to Cameroon operate into the port city of Douala, although there are also a few international flights to the capital Yaounde. Good luck Nadeem!
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    Try Air France or Swiss Int Airways for your flights .
    If you need a hotel pls contact us at 00237 33009827.We will arrange accomodation.
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    Thank you Davidf and pongao for you tips and advice but i have 1 more question regarding the visa to cameroon i have enquired about this and as far as i can see you need to apply along with bank statements and a supporting letter from a contact in cameroon as a referee is this the case and what else is required in the case of a single traveller is there anyone who can help me with getting a visa if i dont have a contact over in cameroon does that mean i cannot get a visa i would appreciate any help with this and anyone able to help me obtain a tourist visa to cameroon maybe theres is companies out there who can do all the paperwork at a cost i would appreciate any guidance with this
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