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Two days in Tokyo - top things to see and do

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I've got two days in Tokyo before heading off to Australia - I've never been to Japan before, but I'm dead keen on seeing some of the sights.
Can anyone please tell me what are the top 10 things I should see and do while I'm in the crazy city of Tokyo?


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    HI if you come to Tokyo, best place to visit is
    1 The National Science Museum
    2 EDO-TOKYO Museum

    Ueno is located train direct to the airport and parks and
    shopping area may be best place for short stay.

    It will take a whole day to complete watching the two museums.

    If you have more time, you can visit many spots in Tokyo and near by. If you are in Tokyo use JR and Metro Subway, you can
    go almost any places.
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    In Tokyo, eating is very interesting experience. Because
    there are many restaurants in Tokyo. Normally lunch time is
    reasonable for good restaurants, because Japanese are very
    stingy for a lunch expenditure so many restaurants offer a
    lunch menu for discount price. There are buffet style of
    restaurants in Shibuya, Shinjuku, and Ikebukuro area about
    1000 Yen for all you can eat for lunch time only.
    Sushi bar ( Kaiten zushi, belt Conveyor )

    in any near JR Stations, the cost is starting 100 Yen per a dish. This is good deal for all day.
    For Other place to see.

    1?There are numbers of aquariums in Tokyo, you can visits
    any of the places depending on where you will be, it is great experience to see.

    2?You can visit Yokohama and Kamakura for a 1 day trip.
    There are English web site to see how to go there and what to
    see there.

    3 There are free admission place to see including public and
    private museums; NHK Broadcasting, currency museum,Banknote & Postage Stamp Museum.

    Here?is Tokyo tourists information web site.
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    Hi Tokyorisu,

    For young children (about 5 years old), would The National Science Museum or EDO-TOKYO Museum be suitable? Any suggestions for kid's activities? Thanks.
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    Check out
    for a page that is dedicated to things to with kids in Tokyo.
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    visit akihabara its perfect for kids and adults
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    More information on Tokyo for kids - although i disagree with the above, Akibhara is not a great idea for kids, unless teenagers looking to shop for electronics.
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    Hi just wondering when the best time to shop in Japan is. Is there such a thing as Boxing Day sales in Tokyo??
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    will be travelling to tokyo from 3 jan to 6th jan . is this the good time to go to tokyo and whta places i can visit then
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    I would like to rent an oldfashioned Japanese house with a garden in Tokyo. Can you recommend a website or agency that deals with such offers?
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