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Summer holiday in Montego Bay or Ochos Rios?

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I'm planning a romatic summer holiday for me and my wife, but stuck on trying to decide if we should go to Montego Bay or to Ochos Rios. Can anyone shed some light on the situation for me?
Is one outrightly better than the other?
Ochos Rios looks amazing, but I've heard so much about Montego Bay. This is a really tough call so any advice or travel stories would really help!


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    Hi I go to Jamaica all the time at private villas and hrie a driver. What type of property are you planning on staying at? I prefer Montego bay simply because it is in the middle of the North Coast almost equidistance from 90 mintues to Ocho Rios and about 90 min to negril. Not far from the South Coast. If you want more info you can contact me at [email protected]
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    i have gone to JA multiple times. I also have some very good JA friends. Skip both those cities. MoBay isn't as nice as ochie. Yes it is a 90 min drive from the airport, but i would advice taken the 90 mins tothe west instead. $40 taxi ride. some hotel will come and get you. Or just agree on price before. Go to Negril! they have actual beach- 7 miles of it. Negril also has 7 miles of cliffs. nothing can be built on the beach taller then a palm tree-so you feel like you are in the jungle. The ocean is calmer. It's a smaller town: nicer,cleaner, not as much harassment, and NO CRUISE SHIPS. there is still things to do: waterfalls, ziplining, horseback riding and so on. there are some really nice palces to stay for around 200- all inclusive. Or decent places for 50. check out swept away, idle awhile, xabita, negril beach club conodos.
  • Is there any reason why your are interested in either or the two places for your romantic summer holiday? Both are crowded resorts, have a look at the south coast - Treasure Beach or the east coast - Port Antonio. Don't follow the rumours about Kingston it should also be on your short list even for a few days of your stay.
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