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Trip to Egypt in November

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Me, my wife and a friend of mine are planning to visit Egypt in first weeks of November. Probably from the 6th to 10th of Nov. Arriving to Cairo to spend the next day visiting Giza and Thebes and leaving by train to Aswan in the evening. Then from Aswan to Luxor to visit the city and the Valley of the Kings from where we'll be heading to Hurghada to spend our last 2 days resting and enjoying the beach. Can someone recommend some not too expensive hotels in Cairo, Luxor, Aswan and Hurghada with approximate prices if possible? Also what's the best way to travel between these places and what are the costs? Is getting a taxi for a whole day very expensive? We were planning to go there with one more friend who changed her mind so I'm not sure now if there will be any difficulties in getting 3 bed rooms in hotels and whether the locals won't mind 2 guys and a girl staying in one room? Any advice would be most welcome.


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    My sister, my fiance and I are planning to visit Egypt in mid-to-late November as well. Interesting... we're also planning the route of Cairo to Aswan to Luxor to Hurghada and back to Cairo. We hope to get some travel planning assistance, so we can enjoy and not feel unsafe/uncomfortable (since many of our findings on web site forums are negative comments). Check out for really helpful info.
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