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Dog-sledding in Canada

edited November 2008 in - Canada
Please can you advise the best place to do dog sledding in Canada - with an overnight i.e. 2 days with the dogs/sleds? And can you recommend a reputable operator to use?


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    Hi Bev,

    Near Whitehorse, Yukon, beside the fabled stampede-trail to the Dawson goldfields, Frank Turner of Muktuk Adventures runs one of the world's only dog-sledding 'dude ranches'. Here, at a snowy, sun-dappled compound that's home to some 120 baying huskies, you can learn the ancient art of mushing: piloting dog-sleds through the Northern wilds. See and for more information!

    Also see this post from our Forum - I recommend you visit there if you have future questions!

    Regards, O
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