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Working a ski season in Whistler?

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My girlfirned and I want to work a ski season in Whistler. Does anyone know what kind of process we must go through for a working visa, etc? Also, how long exactly is a season there and how difficult is it to get a job on the slopes or close by as we'd rather not end up waitressing etc.
Also if you work in Whistler on the actual resort, does that mean you get a free ski pass? What's the best time of year as far as tourism and partying goes.

Any advice or tips would be really helpful!


  • ZhuZhu
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    For the work visa, it depends on where you are from.
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    You can get a J-1 visa if you are a student at a registered university. I think it lasts for 6 months. When I went to the whole thing was set up before i went by some agency for a reasonable fee. Most ski resorts give their staff members free ski passes. And the best jobs are in the bars and restaurants as you make tips, whereas the ski lift assistants get miminum wage. Even ski school instructors can earn less than the waiters. The busiest period from my experience was over xmas and new years - but it depends on snowfall as to how long the season lasts. The more snow the longer the season. Another tip: buy all your gear 2nd hand once you're there - amazing bargains as previous staff offload unwanted staff.
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    Whistler is one of the top destinations for heli-skiing and catskiing worldwide. Powder Mountain Heliskiing and Catskiing Inc has the best price tag for heli-skiing in Whistlern.

    We were on heli ski trip with Powder Mountain this winter. I will probably will remember it all my life. The views that you get up there are unbelievable. Riding in powder is way different than on the prepared trails. All I can say is that you need to try it. At least once. And get a photographer or if...
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