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What is the best tour company for a Great Wall of China tour?

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I'm going to be touring through China and I'd like to do one of those tours of the Great Wall of China.
Can anyone recommend a good tour company or tour operator? Preferably someone reliable and good value for money.



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    there are several sections of the Great Wall. Badaling Great Wall is the most popular and the most crowded. Mutianyu section owns the best views along. Simatai and Jinshanling sections are next to each other. They have no modern rebuilding, though broken but very original. They are just a little far from city center. You can decide what you like best.

    You can either take a private tour or join in a seat-in coach tour. Check and choose from these tours:

    Or just join in a China tour package with the Great Wall included, like this one

    A flexible China tour with destinations of Beijing, Xian, Guilin and Shanghai is also suggested. You can travel more freely. Check out the China travel guide
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    If you are in Beijing, you don't really need a tour guide to go to the Great Wall at Badaling, just the transport to get there.
    You can catch special buses from just to the right of Beijing Railway Staion, as you face it. They are clearly marked 'BADALING' and go directly to the Great wall. The cost is 16 yuan(RMB), which is about £1.60, or 2 USD, and the journey is about an hour.On arrival at the Great wall, you pay your admission, and climb up the steps to the top of the wall, and start walking. You will find plenty to eat and drink whenever you arrive at one of those little 'forts'. It is better not to go at weekends because it can be very crowded. There is an interesting museum just near the Badaling entrance, plus numerous souvenir sellers.
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    Have a look at dandelion hiking.( They do tours to other not so touristy places and they are great!
  • Hi Jem, you may try One good thing about them is that you won't be trapped in some so-called factory visits. They will let you know if your itinerary has shopping visit or not. Also, they do group tour with competitive rates. Hope this helps.
  • Yeah the above mentioned link of the companies are so good to travel to China.I also travel with them whenever i travel to China.Their service is good and comfortable.Staff is so noble and very friendly to the passenger.Its expense are also normal.When you travel with this company you think you travel with your family.I like it so much.
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