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Disabled person travelling to Greece

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I am considering a vacation to Greece with my wife who has MS and needs to use a scooter to get around. My question is how easy will it be for her to get around. Are here areas (cities, etc) to avoid and areas which would be better suited for her? What is access for disabled people like for someone travelling to Greece.


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    As you may be able to tell from my nickname, I love Rhodes, but I would not reccomend it as a destination for wheelchair or scooter users. Kerbs are unusually high, pavements fizzle out frequently,public transport is inaccessable for disabled people and the vast majority of bars, restaurants and hotels are only accessable via a step or 10. All that being said once you do find a hotel that is accessable, and you are prepared to hire a car in order to see this beautiful island (and be prepared for the ME FIRST attitude of ALL the drivers on the island) then it will surely be an unforgetable holiday. I am disabled although I can get about without a wheelchair at the moment, so I am speaking from a position of personal knowledge of both the island and its people.
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