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Tunisia: travel with children

My husband and I may be thinking of going to Tunisia in July next year. I will have a six month old baby - is it a good idea to take her????


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    Hi Angela, It depends on where you are going. If to a nice resort near a major urban centre then you will be near enough to medical facilities to take care of an emergency if it arises. If you are planning more off the beaten track travel, then I would not recommend traveling with a child that young. It really does depends on where you are going and what the facilities are like there. Did you have any other specific concerns?
  • Hi David, thanks for your reply. I would be going along with my husband as he is a scuba diving. I will prob spend the days around the hotel with the baby.
    I was just concerned about vaccinations and illness risks for a child so young.
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    Hi Angela,

    There is some more information regarding health risks here, plus contact details for hospitals and emergency services.

    There are no serious risks to look out for as desert climates are typically benign when it comes to diseases. The question is "what happens if something goes wrong?" Get advice about vaccinations from a travellers clinic or your paeditrician in your home country. I also have a baby and understand your caution!
  • Thanks, thats really helpful.
    Much appreciated

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    My wife and I have visited north Africa in July / August and experienced temperatures up to 45°C away from the coast. Reliable aircon is an absolute must with a young baby.

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    Has anyone else travelled to Tunisia with young children and got feedback on the experience?
  • I think where ever you are going, you must keep your childrens with you so they can also explore. And if your chil is so young then dont plan for a trip. But still if you want to have a trip then go to somewhere which has moderate weather.
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