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weather in marrakech during november

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I am travelling to marrakech at the beginning of november. What is the weather like at this time of year?


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    You can check weather reports for any time of the year, and historic reports too at:

    Days should still be hot, last year the day temp was 25°C max but the nights were colder with a low of 4°C with some rain, but not much.

    No-one can predict what is in store and global warming is certainly changng the weather in Morocco with severe flooding in the north and rain at unexpected times of the year elsewhere.
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    See here for more information on weather in marrakech from Word Travels
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    Hi Janette,

    We went to Marrakech for the last week of November in 2008. If you were in the UK at that time you will remember that there was a period of very cold weather then and it was the same in Marrakech; the locals were saying that it was colder than usual. It even got down to about 2 or 3 degrees on a couple of nights! That said the days were sunny, if not pleasantly warm at about 18 degrees or so, and the other nights were about 8 or 9 degrees. Needless to say you will need to take jumpers and coats for the night time although I found that a shirt or thin jumper and some sort of jacket were fine for the daytime.

    Whilst I am here let me give you some more advice:

    If you plan to get "out and about" do NOT go on the Tour Companies organised tours. You can organise your own at a fraction of the price. For example, we had an overnight stay at Essourira on the coast (well worth doing) for HALF the price that Thomson's wanted for a DAY TRIP. We booked coach tickets at the Supratours coach station near the old railway station a day in advance (you pay a little extra for baggage by the way) and sorted our accommodation out when we got there. On our last full day we went up into the Atlas mountains for the day. We got a Petite (local) Taxi to the Grand Taxi depot outside town then negotiated a price with one of the drivers. Not only were we not tied to a schedule we did it at a THIRD of the price Thomsons were charging.

    If you can try to have at least on night in Djemaa el Fna (the main square) to eat at one of the many restaurants that set up there every night. The late, great Keith Floyd featured the place in his "Floyd Round The Med" series. The food is cooked right in front of your eyes, is delicious and is very reasonably priced.

    Haggle! Lots! The locals will expect you to haggle over the price of virtually everything (except food). As a general rule offer a third of their opening bid ("You want camel for the price of chicken!") and expect to pay two thirds of it in the end. Don't be afraid to walk away if you cannot agree a price, it is sometimes amazing how the price suddenly drops if you do. If you can get something for half the opening price you may have done very well.

    If you get lost avoid any offers to "show you the way" as there is a good chance that your "guide" will demand a hefty slice of cash once you get to your destination. Ask at a shop for directions if you can. Frankly I would not go wandering around Marrakech without the Rough Guide map of the city which we found invaluable and the same can be said of the Rough Guide book of the city too. Well worth the expense. In fact they are indespensible, I wouldn't go without them.

    Some of the locals speak a little english but virtually all of them speak french. If you have any french try using that all the time when dealing with them but, as always, a few words of the local language (arabic) such as "please" and "thank you" will go down well.

    Finally, if like us you are big tea drinkers take your own tea with you, as well a a travel kettle of course, because the cafes and restaurants mainly serve mint tea (delicious!). If you want a "cuppa" you need to ask for a "Tee Anglaise" which will come, like the mint tea, in a small glass. Not what I need after a hard day wandering around the Souk!

    I am sure you will have a great time in Marrakech, we did and would heartily recommend it to anyone who wants something a bit more adventurous than lying by a pool all day.
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