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I am travelling into DAR Novemer to stay there til February. Could someone please help me with my visa requirements? I am lead to believe I can get a visa on arrival at DAR airport, and will need $50 for this. Could you please tell me what else I will need apart from $50. I am a British citizen.
Any help would be greatly appreciated as I have looked on many sites all for them to say different things.


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    I would recommend you to apply a visa from british commission in London in order to avoid disturbance. Yes you can get on arrval but you have to be very patient with their "way of processing". It will take about less than half an hour. Unless if get there at night which less crowded. I have notice something, if you apply from the embassy in London is 10 pound higher while at the dar es salaam airport is 55 dollar. make sure you have a dollar and not otherwise coz they will take advantage of you. their brain is obsess with corruption...joking but true..
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    I am to travell to tazania on business i have read that i can get a vissa at the airport there is this true and what are the other informaton and paper work i would need.

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