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Libya vacation: Roman and Greek ruins

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I have read a bit about the Roman and Greek ruins of Leptis Magna, Cyrene and Sabratha. Has anyone seen these first hand, and are they worth the trip to experience? Is Libya worth visiting and is it safe to explore as an elderly western couple? I would like to go aroundf the American winter time, so sometime in February is possible, but I am concerned that the heat will be too much. Any advice on the optimal time to go? With thanks, BB


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    Hi BB,

    Oh yes, yes and yes!!! Leptis Magna is an absolute wondrous place, huge and right on the mediteranean. Sabratha is like a warm up for Sabratha but for my money Cyrene is the most beautiful and serene. So, yes, they are definitely worth visiting. Libya is a fantastic country but it is vast and the drives are quite long although you can take planes everywhere. It is extremely safe - there are no problems for tourists there, the security is very tight. Most of the year is fine and February is winter in our part of the world also so no extreme heat but it does get extremely cold in the desert and this is a must. You should definitely go to Gabron to see the salt water lakes surrounded by sand dunes and also to Acacus for the wonderful rock etchings. Also a must is Ghadames for the original Berbere city. There are so many sites you can spend a few weeks there and still not see everything. You should be aware however, that in order to visit Libya you need to go with a tour company. They will organise your visa invitation
    which can take a few weeks so make sure you leave plenty of time for this. Also it is mandatory to be accompanied by a guide/driver but this can be a plus for those long drives.

    Enjoy it - we do
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    Absolutely stunning.

    Magnificent Leptis Magna is truly a wonderful place to see, immensely satisfying, and is one of the most sought tourist destinations in Libya.It is also the best preserved ancient Roman city outside Italy and as such is one of the most important Roman sites in the world.

    Its well-preserved structure gives a clear picture as to what a complete Roman city would have looked like in ancient times, with its lighthouse at the entrance to the harbour and the usual architectural splendour. No visit to Libya is complete without seeing this magnificent Magna. You can take a virtual tour and see some fantastic photos at
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    Leptis Magna has been described as one of the best preserved Roman cities in the world, and I had the chance to take a libya cultural tour with Libya Expeditions ( 3 months ago, in September.

    February is actually a great time to visit, it isn't hot and not too cold, the ruins definitely live up to expectations and there is an unspoiled quality to the sites. Libya is very safe and there is absolutely nothing to worry about, Libya has almost non-existent crime and none of the radicalization and security issues of neighbours like Egypt.

    Libya Expeditions have excellent photo galleries of all the major tourist attractions and even a current, updated blog, I highly recommend them for anyone considering an enjoyable and memorable libya holiday !
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