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Laos New Year - good time to visit?

edited September 2009 in Far East Asia
I want to visit Laos in April but this is over Lao New Year. Is this is a good or bad time to visit? Will I really get water thrown on me all day long? My itinerary is to visit Vang Vien, Laung Prabang, Vientiane, then down to the 4000 islands before crossing into Cambodia to see Ankgor then flying out of Bankgok. Is it worth checking anything else out in Laos apart from these mainstream stopovers?? Thanks. Nig


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    during Lao New Year, you will normally get thrown if you are out along the road. If you are in the restaurant, the owner may politely ask you to poor little holly water they collected from the temple over your hands or shoulders and bless you the prosperous year. It is normally hot with the temperature between 32-36 degree celcius depending where you are. the south is normally hotter than the north. You can get help to organize your itinerary by emailing [email protected]
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