Anyone actually been to Macedonia?

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I've seen some amazing pictures from Macedonia, and am really intrigued about doing a trip there. Has anyone actually been and can share some experiences?


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    Yes, I lived in Macedonia in the past. A beautiful country with great people and some great untouched places to see. It has stood still in time, like a lost treasure, waiting to be found.

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    Terry, when did you live there? Any recommendations of where to go and what not to miss?
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    Hi Guys -

    I have been living in Macedonia for the past year , I am origanaly from South-Africa ,
    Macedonia is indeed a fantastic place as Terry says :) , alot of history if you are into history..

    To get around with Taxi's here is easy and very safe , not too expensive either compare to other EU countries..

    I would strongly suggest to go visit places like Ohrid, Dojran, Skopje , Gevgelija( on the greek border) and Bitola for a good idea of Macedonian culture , history and the nice people!!

    Hope this helps , please do feel free might there be more Q's


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