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Lebanon accommodation and things to see?

edited September 2009 in Middle East
I am going on holiday to Lebanon and would appreciate suggestions of places to stay, as well as ideas for things to see and do. I will be going to Saida and Jbail where I've heard I can go snorkelling to see the Phoenician ruins, is this a good option?


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    I suggest you visit the north of Lebanon mountains, the highest in Lebanon 3000 meters. The area still relatively quiter than other known places in lebanon and is more natural and more virgin. the valley of qadishah surrounded by a dozen villages is extremely stunning (500m steep gorge of 1000-2000m wide) and is surrounded by the highest mountains in Lebanon. Also the area of Seer al dineah is a very beatiful place in the North mountain, very green (fruit trees) with panoramic views leading to high rocky mountains.
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