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Best holiday resort and Island to visit in Greece?

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Hi all
I'm planning a trip with my girlfriend to Greece and we're looking for the island and holiday resort that is best suited to our tastes. We're keen on somewhere with a mellow party atmosphere (ie. not a bunch of drunken 20-somethings stumbling about and throwing up in the streets) as well as somewhere really beautiful with outdoor activities like hiking and horse riding, etc. But that said, we don't want to be stuck with a bunch of geriatrics either. I think we've pretty much ruled out Kavos...

Can anyone recommend a good island for us, or even more specifically, a good resort?
I'd really appreciate it.
Thanks in advance - BB


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    Hi BB, in order for me to give you the best possible options for Greece, I would have to ask you for the approx. budget you are willing to spent for such a trip. And also the month you intent to travel would be essential. Best regards, Nasos -
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    I am planning to travel to Greece towards the end of oct(25th Oct - 1st Nov).Was planning to spend 3-4 nights in Athens and then goto Santorini towards the end. Would this be a good time for a holiday in Greece especially Santorini?

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    In order see santorini at its full you must go there during the summer months. It is going to be chilled (approximately 15-20 C) at the period you want to get there. You will not be able to visit its beautiful beaches and swim. Moreover, you might not see any other tourists at that time, its going to be you and the locals. most cafes and restaurants will be closed then as the season will be over. So i suggest you save your money to come to santorini next summer (late June or late August is the perfect time to go as it can get overcrowded during July and August).
    For athens it is ok to come in late october as it is not very hot (keep in mind that the centre of athens is 4-5 C more heat than any other place of Attica.
    My advice for the period of time you can come to Greece, is either Crete or Rhodes where the climate is warmer at that time and due to warm riffles coming from Africa, the waters are substantially warmer (especially in lindos side of rhodes)
  • Hi Benjibob

    There is a little corner of Corfu known as Mirtiotissa. It is a very special little beach at the foot of a steep hill covered in trees, said by many to be one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe. There are two main sandy bays, each very sheltered, and one being naturist. There is a little ramshackle beach hut, where you can buy the most delicious french bread filled with salad and tzatziki, and tubs overflowing with yoghurt, honey and freshly-chopped fruit.

    This beach is somewhat of an ancient hippy hang-out, but these days is frequented by families and couples lucky enough to discover it. On the path up from the beach is an unexpectedly trendy cafe/bar which is open all day but also has live music gigs some evenings in the summer. There is also a restaurant nearby.

    I have been here several times and stayed in family run studios in a village down the road called Liapades, near to Paleokastritsa - search for Villa Papoulas Corfu and you will find it. I stay there especially to be within easy reach of Mirtiotissa. being Corfu, there are of course many other beautiful places where you can stay and also good flight availability.

    To get to Mirtiotissa, follow the signs towards the village of Ermones, about half-way down the west coast of Corfu - and go a little south from there. It's tricky to find, and best to either ask for directions in Ermones, otherwise take a print out from Google maps. You really do need to park in the car park and walk down - I have seen several cars burn out their clutches and get stuck on the hill over the years trying to save two euros and drive down instead!

    Hope you liked my idea. By the way, this is my first time here!


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    You can have a look here, where we have a list of all the holiday resorts in Greece together with reviews on the resorts, nightlife, activities etc.
    Visit for destination advice
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    Thanks mathieu .. the link is useful.
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    I have heard that Paros is a particularly lovely island. Has anybody been? What is the nightlife like? Any info and advice welcome!
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    hi there BB
    i m forty three and been living in Paros island in cyclades Greece for about twenty years. i thing you ll find what you anticipate in this island. you can do horsebackriding, kite surf and other activities or chill out at a secret beach bar. hicking destinations are plenty among ruins from the ancient era to the knights age.
    as the soundtrack is very important i m going to beach bars, caffes and night bars to listen from chet baker to herbaliser, jackie mittoo to trentemoler, from link wray to allah-las... 
    if you want to save money avoid the period of 20 jul to 20 aug, and book what you can from before as you can find offers and compare prices from the net.
    enjoy your holidays!
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    Hi there!

    You may want to check this out!

    It is a website that allows you to select among 70+ criteria for your destination, and then proposes the Greek island that best meets your criteria among 61 islands.


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    Islands of ionian sea is beautiful , I like Corfu, i recommend Hotel Bella Mare, 4-stars ,near of the Avlaki beach,calm and quiet place ,look at more

  • Ammos Hotel, Crete, stylish seaside resort is cheerily colourful: clashing cushions, mosaic tiles, mismatched chairs. The hands-on owner, Nikos Tsepetis, upgrades the hotel every year, which may be why so many guests come back. Best uninhabited island is Farmakonisi over there.
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    The best island to visit in Greece should definitely be Santorini island is considered to be the most beautiful island rightly famous for sea kayaking, diving and cave snorkeling all plentiful. Don't forget to miss these places on your holiday!
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