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Puppies from Cameroon Scam - Lagos pet scams



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    Hello everyone, I was trying to get two puppies from someone that claim to be moving, they been sending me emails and asking question and information then they said they went to the airport in cameroon and sent the puppies to the information I sent, I had got a phone call from a 237 number that the puppies is at there airport, they also sent me an email of a picture of the cameroon airport. I didnt send no type of money at all so I'm lucky in that part (sorry for anyone who did). I started to look up the zipcode from the phone call and I called my airport in my city and they told me that it was a scam. Its ashame what people do for money, but its ok I hope they get caught.This just happened to me today, and I learned my lesson and next time I'll look more into it. Good luck to all, plz dont send any money to anyone over seas its a total scam.
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    hi, i am from the cayman islands and my sister and i almost fell for it too the guy said he was from florida and he was giving away two english bulldogs and we only had to pay the agency international pet flyers, to get the puppies here. When they gave us the address where the money should be sent it was in cameroon so we found it funny and decided to google cameroon and found this website thank god we did. These guys are good and very convincing we spoke with them via email and telephone. MUST BE A FAKE WEBSITE ASWELL BECAUSE WHEN WE CALLED THE NUMBERS ON THE SITE THE SAME IT SOUNDED LIKE THE SAME GUY THAT CLAIMS HE WAS GIVING US THE PUPPIES. WHEN I ASKED TO SPEAK TO SOMEONE ELSE SUCH AS THE MANAGER OF THE AGENCY THE PERSON PUT ME ON HOLD THEN TRIED TO DISGUISE HIS VOICE AND PRETENDED TO BE THE MANAGER HOWEVER I COULD HEAR IT WAS THE SAME GUY!!!!
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    Here is the most recent email being used...I realized it may be a scam so I wrote back seeing if I could get more information. I will keep you posted.

    1st Email Answer from Nana Denis [email protected]
    thanks for contacting us and do appreciate your interest in our puppies.Lili and Milo are available and set for new and caring homes with lots of love and hugs, 12weeks and few days old and currently weighing 2.4lbs & 2.5 lbs, mum is 4.9 and dad is 5.7lbs and their expected weight as adults is 4.9-5.8lbs.They have gotten their shots,have been on a heart worm prevention and wormed. They are well socialized with wonderful great personalities,we are just wanting new homes where They will be spoiled more than here as they will be a great addition to any family.They are little girl and boy every heart of any home will desire.They come along with health documents,Akc registration papers, champion bloodlines,travel cage with toys and a year guarantee including a hand book on how to raise your puppies.i will like to to ask you some question??
    -where are you located?
    -will you take proper care o my puppies?
    -are you use to pets?
    -will you send me pics of the pups when you have them?
    -do you have a vet you will take the puppy to?
    -can you afford the shipping fee of $90 each and $180 for the two?
    and i am from Akron Ohio U.s.a. But now relocated in west lake Cameroon due to my work schedule and also the climate does not sustains the puppies here so that is why i want them in the state.ok here are the pics and get back to me asap
    waiting to read from you.


    the second email was worse... here goes

    thanks for the mail and of course thanks for the answers to my question so all i will need from you is how soon do you need the puppies so now then get back to me with the following so as when you send the money i will book them an available flight to your location as you will be sending the money to me cos the puppies are currently with me i will need your full address so i can start the shipping process immediately when you have provided it and the money ok.
    your full names
    zip code
    home address
    and nearest airport for delivery or you prefer to be delivered to your door steps if ok then get back to me asap for the payment methods so i can arrange for them to reach you today ok..
    so waiting to read back from you asap

    THERE IS NO WAY TO TRACK THESE PEOPLE DOWN SO I TRIED TO AT LEAST GET A RESPONSE. God, forgive my lies.... Here is what I wrote to them..hopefully it will pin point

    WoW! What a small world.. My Uncle John is in Yaounde at a Mission camp! He is coming home in three weeks and can bring the puppies with him - that way they stay inside the cabin. It will be a long trip, but he will take them to the vet before they leave the country. I know that you may be a little ways from where he is but I called him and he doesn't mind going and meeting you. How did you get so far from home? We support my uncles missionary work and he has plenty to travel around. You may know them World relief Christian organization?? He is the head of the division and has to travel all over from Chad to Camroon to Nigeria then to some place on the coast..fakeo. He says it is beautiful. Please get back to me as soon as possible so I can give him instructions on what is going on.
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    Hi guys, This is very sick. I'm from Australia and got scammed $650 that wasn't including the transfer fees from western union. I was buying an English Bulldog from a woman named Tanya Brooks. (But now i'm sure that isn't her name)!! Can't believe how silly i'v been to believe and put such trust in a person I didn't know. I'm warning anyone and everyone that even if you speak to these people in person they are still happy to rip you off. At no times is it safe to buy anything off the internet and to research the buying before doing so. I only came across this websit when my partner said is there even any such thing of this airport...well now i know there is an airport and its a worldwide scam. Its a pity that I came across this website too late and i had already sent the money. I had so many gut feelings but for some reason i went along with it. So please guys before commiting and sending the money over listen to your instincts.
    My puppy was ment to arrive today i'm pretty sure i wont hear back from this woman so i want to put all contact infomation so hopefully i can save people from being scammed like me.
    I found my puppy on the site FIND ME A I was under the impression she was coming from queensland. But then later found out she was getting sent from cameroon.

    [email protected]
    Receiver's Name: Mrs Mildred Agbor, Timoh,
    Address: Mission Hill Douala, BP 5088 Douala.
    City: Douala.
    Province: Littoral Province.
    Country: Cameroon.
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    How to avoid puppy Scams: ~ from the excellent (

    If you have your heart set on ordering a puppy advertised over the Internet, here are four tips that will help you stay safe:

    1. Beware of anyone offering ridiculously discounted prices, especially if they won't speak with you on the phone. Confirm a breeder's name, phone number and address. Legitimate breeders may be traced in directories such as (However, scammers often give pre-paid cell phone numbers, so getting a phone number is no guarantee that a breeder is legitimate.)

    2. Look out for someone who promises to deliver a puppy within 24 hours. Most breeds need to be eight weeks old before they can travel, making it unlikely a buyer could get a purebred with such a quick turnaround time.

    3. Ask for -- and carefully check -- references. Talk to the dog's vet and to other people who have bought puppies from the breeder.

    4. Be suspicious of a seller who only accepts wire payments or money orders. Use a payment method that offers fraud protection, such as a credit card.

    Finally, if you think you've been the victim of a puppy scam, contact your state attorney general or the U.S. Secret Service Office for Internet fraud.
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    I have a question for PISSEDOFF did you send the money through Wal-mart or western union? Cause western union said they dont refund the money. Thank you

    My friend sent them the $160 through WalMart. I talked to a representative of WalMart and they said that WalMart does not refund your money, but the Moneygram company that you buy from through WalMart does.
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    Thank you for responding to my question. I am happy your friend will get her money back. I wish I would have used Wal-Mart Moneygram. I all so want to let everyone know to watch out for people in your news pappers, if the only give a e-mail and no phone it is someone from cameroon. I was looking in our news paper for a puppy and this person had 2 yorkies for free but only gave a e-mail address no phone # so I e-mailed and 2 days later I got an e-mail back saying they had to go to cameroon on a church mission cause he is a pastor and he will be there for 3-6 months and his puppies are not doing well with the weather. So I do have to say I am having a little fun with this guy. His e-mail is [email protected] so if anyone see that please know he is a scam.
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    Here is the e-mail I sent to the person once I saw it in my local news paper. In my paper it said 2 tea cup yorkies for free please only good home.

    I might be a little late on asking, but wanted to know if you still had the puppies?
    Thank you

    Now here is his reply

    Thank you very much and i'm very very happy to read from you about your response on taking good care of the babies. they are 14weeks old and both home trained and outdoor trained also playful with other animals and kids. The male named (bobby) weigh 2lbs and the female named (lee) weigh 2.5lbs and will weigh big when fully grown. they are both A K C registered and shots are given up to date and both home trained. both of them are my darling sweetheart and super spoiled! They both have a sweet personality and loves to play and be carried around.But i'm very sorry to tell you that it is too late for you to get the babies now. What really happened was that i just left the state for africa in some few days ago after i posted the the ad the 2 Yorkshire Terrier Puppies on the newspspper and before i left, i did not get any response from anybody that could take very good care of them for me. So i got a missionary call from our missionary head quaters in africa, then i have to bring the babies along with me here in africa since i couldn't find someone to adopt them before i left the state. I'm still willing to give the babies out to someone who can take very good care of them for me forever.
    All papers will accompany the puppies when shipped to you, Due to our long staying over here in africa , and the bad weather my Wife and I have concluded to get good home and care for our babies. We are not charging or selling them to you for money but to save thier lifes saved and care for them so this means that, you and i will be paying for the shipment of the puppies to you. they are VET checked, but right now we are in Africa on a Christian mission with my wife and 3 kids together with bobby and lee, we have the puppies right here with us.We are going to ship to you via a Diplomatic Courier Service Company with Express Delivery on next day delivery, if you are really interested in having my little babies, i will like you to get back to me with the Below information i can find out shipping to your Nearest Airport and we both responsible for the shipping

    Your Full Name :
    Your Mailing Address:
    Your Tel #:
    Your Cel Phone #:
    The Nearest Airport To You:

    I've attached pics of bobby and lee. Please if you know that you are not capable of taking very good care of my babies, do not reply me because i am giving them out because of bad condition and we're spending months for the christain mission and i don't want bobby and lee to die in this bad weather. And because we don't have time to take care of them due to the missionary work before us here. They are priceless to me,therefore i am giving both for free . Please i want you to promise me that you will take very good care of them as soon as they get to you. Thank you and God bless you and your family.
    rev, jones
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    This is what I e-mailed back

    Thank you so much for responding back. I will tell you we will take very good care of your babies. We have been looking and looking for little ones we can love. I need to know how much it will cost to have them shipped.
    Valdosta Ga
    Atlantic Southeast Airlines
    1750 Airport Road
    If you can get back to me as soon as possible thank you so much and God Bless

    This is what he e-mailed back to me

    Thanks so much for the reply and also the love you are showing in getting and caring for my babies.I will really appreciate it if you could please promise me again that you will take good care of them Also let me know if you will be able to send me pictures of her monthly to me here.I have just got off the phone with the shipping company and i was told that the shipping cost of the babies to United states is will be $900 and i think you know that we will both be responsible for the payment as agreed.So let me know if you will be able to come up with the $450 on your part so the babies can leave Africa due to bad weather if we can make the payments of babies immediately I will like to know if you are ready with the shipment so that i can proceed with the shipment arrangement.
    Rev, jones

    So I e-mailed back and said I could get a yorkie for that price here just to see if he would come down on the price here is what I e-mailed back

    I am sorry, I really wanted to help you out with the little ones but my hubby said we can buy one here for that price. Thank you for your time. I am sure you will find someone to take those beautiful pups and give them a wonderful home. God Bless

    I have not got a responce from him yet but will keep you all posted, again his e-mail is [email protected] so if you see it you know he is a scam
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    wow. im getting scammed right now. lol. im laughing because i almost fell for it. i was in contact with the "airport" and the seller by email and phone. they both had the usual strong "Scamful" accent and it just didnt seem right when i was on the phone. i negotiated well enough for the "seller" to pay the fee, but of course after i spread the word that i was getting a yorkie for only $300.00 (but of course i told people $1200) i get an email the same day from the airport stating that i have to pay an extra $190.00 for an air conditioned crate, so i alerted the "seller" and they said they have no money. wtf? you email me with your job resume and you pay the first $245.00 without any hassle and now you cant even pay the "last fee" so of course when i told him i dont have any money either, he forked over $90.00 and all i have to pay is the "last" $100.00 i always put "" because ive been scammed by the CHRISTIAN EICH 419 scam as well, they took over $4,000.00 (ya i know, but everything happens for a reason) so we are still exchanging emails but this time im having so much fun now. i think i like this. but LESSON TO BE LEARNED, DO YOUR RESEARCH BEFORE PAYING 1 CENT. ITS EASY TO DO RESEARCH, JUST TYPE IN YAHOO.COM AND TYPE IN KEY WORDS IN THE BOX.
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    WOW! This same thing just happened to me too. I am so thankful I told this lady that I do not trust her. I did not pay a dime and hopefully no one else will anymore either! The email address was [email protected] She told me that she was from Bellflower CA so I did a search just to see if there was some one by that name with that city also...GUESS WHAT! there wasn't! So I continued to talk to her and I did so until I came across this. NO WAY! This person had asked me the EXACT same questions as these postings...I'm not stupid...I do my research people! So GLAD that I didn't give these scammers my money!
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    This is why buying animals - whether online or through pet stores - is NOT a good idea people. If you care that much about animals, get a shelter pet! American in particular have way too many animals sitting in shelters across the county because stupid people keep trying to buy pets from all over the world.

    Otherwise, you DESERVE to be scammed for being such a stupid, thoughtless person!
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    WOW!!! Please check this out I was almost scammed by 2 of these assholes... So the 1st email sent me was from a Rev Smith Andrew in Cameroon. About adopting 2 of his english bulldog pups male&female. He he needed to find a home for them $900 for the two or $500 for the one. Ok it sounded like a good deal but at the same time someone else sent me a email and had 2 english bulldogs for adoption too. Well I was all excited when the Rev was telling me about his pups and sent me pictures I showed my husband the pictures too. But something didn't feel right so I didn't email him back at all. He nevered emailed me back so that confirmed this was a scam, but at the same time I was also emailing the teacher from L.A., Ca. she was over in Douala, Cameroon a volunteer overseas. We emailed each other about the pups $418 dollars to ship them over here so I told her that I didn't want to get scammed and how I heard this happens to people. She said don't worry this isn't going to happen. So I'm still feeling like this is to good to be true right...I haven't sent any money but in my email I got a confirmation from Air France about the flight that has the pups on it coming from Douala, Cameroon but earlier she wanted me to send a MoneyGram to this address the same one I seen what Elle wrote same name and address too. So that confirmed to me this is a SCAM.....
    I'm disappointed but you know what I started to do my research looked her up didn't find her. They are suppose to be on the 11:45 pm flight from Douala and arrive at the airport at 2:05pm on thursday. So I guess this will be confirmed wednesday evening if this is true or not...But I keep telling myself it's a scam...So people please do your research and don't be taken in by these people who cheat,steal, and lie. They will be judged one day!!!!!!!!!

    This is the address they sent me:

    Mrs. Mildred Agbor.Timoh
    Voluntry Service Overseas Douala, BP5008 Douala
    Littoral Province
    +237 33103300

    Ask them to send you a picture with the pups. They won't do it!!!! Don't pay them a cent......
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    Actual Skype chat with a scammer:

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    I listed an add on for a yorkie adult and have received two emails from two different names. These jerks need to get a life. Get a real job and make real money like us hard working americans do. QUIT SCAMMING PEOPLE. I HOPE YOU GET WHAT YOU DESERVE ONE DAY! Here is one of the emails..........

    Thanks for your respond,
    my family and I are out on a vacation to spring island Cameroon some few weeks back, but the climate here is not favorable for our baby snowbell, so our vet office advice we send her back to the states and the only way to do this is look her a new home, we really regret doing this but that is all we have to do to save her life, all we want is her happiness and welfare, our two year old daughter Nina would have love to grow up to see snowbell but we just regret all what is happening to us, snowbell is 11 weeks old, and very healthy vet check and you have nothing to worry about, all papers are under preparations and all her toys too are here, she will also be coming with a CAGE, all shots are up to date, we will really want some one who will love her so much, if possible some one in united state, so that when we come back to the state in some few months from now, we could always visit you to check on how snowbell is doing. my husband will prefer free adoption so that she will be well loved by the adopting parents, if you promise to take her for free, but show her love and all the affection in the world, then I and my family will be very grateful o.k. and need serous parent. We will like to know the following answers to the questions below.....
    1) Are you a pet lover?
    2) Do you have kids?
    3) How soon? Do you need her?
    4) Do your family love pets
    5) my husband will like to know if you are in the states.
    6) And are you taking her for breading purposes?
    7) Have you experience in homing pets?And lastly what is your #?
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    Here is another email..............

    Thanks for the mail and interest in the little girl. I am sorry for the late response,we were busy trying to get some stuffs for our new home. She is 14 weeks old and her name Daisy. Daisy is our darling angel. We love her so much but its unfortunate that we cant even give her the love and affection we have in our hearts for her. We are on a volunteer mission to Cameroon together with the UN malaria committee ,in regards to the disease in pregnant women and children. We traveled up here together with Daisy and my daughter. They wont allow Daisy into the country for reason being that, pets are not allowed into the country from other countries and i have been given a maximum of 2 weeks to send her back to the states. So that is the reason i have to find for her a home back in the states where she will be showered

    with all that love and affection. Hope you wont mind if i ask you a


    Do you have kids?
    Do you have any experience with puppies?
    Are you a breeder or will you breed her in the future if i let you have her?
    Will you send us updates about her from time to time and pictures?
    I am just being concerned about the type of home she will be going to ,so that is why i am curious to know. We love her so much and we want to make sure goes to a family that will show her the affection she deserves. She is health guaranteed,AKC registered and will come along with all her papers,diapers,dog blanket,play toys, crate and food menu. She is very playful and goes along with kids and other home pets. She loves to be held and cuddled and

    sometimes wants all the attention for herself. She

    was shipped

    her in her own new crate that i bought for the trip. So if you can stand the chance of taking her home, you will only need to pay for a new travel crate which will cost $90. this money will be paid directly to the shipping company from which she will be taking off to provide the travel crate. But i am sorry i first of all need to know the answers to my questions before i will know if we can proceed with the re-shipping arrangements.Waiting to read from you soon.Greetings.
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    Paula Jones ([email protected]) , George wayne ([email protected]),Rebecca Thompson ([email protected]),icia Muller ([email protected]), [email protected],[email protected], and [email protected] Each of these emails has answered me regarding Yorkie terrier puppies. They are all coming from Cameroon, and the are all a scam. I am out $200 dollars on one deal and now I am reporting each and everyone I find from that country into several agencies that deal with fraud, including my local police.
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    There is no way of stopping these people. It is the same person over and over again. What is so funny is that the pictures could be found on the internet sites. The person has a very bad habit and puts "ok" after every sentence or some sentences. Almost all the email that puts out yorkies has the same looks. All dogs must have their distinctions and all of these puppies looks exactly the same. Be aware, do not send them any's only a scam!!!!!
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    Well I think it's a total SCAM !!! I will be waiting tomorrow at the airport for 2 Yorkies to come.I haven't sent any money...I booked the flidht by muself,so I think that I won't loose anything,if the Yorkie doesnt arive.I will be very unhappy if it is a scam,but it will be a miracle if it isn't a scam :) !Well I hope not to be dissapointed...I wish you luck,and know that it's much safer if you take your puppy from a friend or firm...
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    This is a response to Raj Shah.. I just thought this might seem a bit familiar......

    Hello, Actually, i am located in the Western Region Of Cameroon, where i will
    be shipping the puppies to your location, which they will be delivered right at
    your door steps in a crate and all play toys, with a 1 year health guarantee.
    But, before i give this puppy to you, you are to promise me that, you are going
    to always take him/her out or a walk, take proper care of them, and always send
    me recent pictures of them. They will be coming with all work papers, food
    menu.They are AKC registered, and on all recent shots up to date. If the
    shipping fee is made available now, then you will have these babies, delivered
    right at your door steps in about 18-19 hrs time since they will be taking a
    direct flight to your location. And for you to get these babies, you are require
    to provide just the shipping fee to your location . So we will also like to know
    where you are located. So how are you preparing to welcome these babies? Have
    you got more play toys for them, will you always take them out for a walk?And they will be coming along side with their resident permit STATUS FOR THESE PUPPIES. They are 14 weeks old, they love the company of kids and other house hold pets. They are house, toilet, table trained.
    Are you married..........................
    Do you have kids.........................
    Are they friendly with pets..................
    Have you ever kept bulldogs before..........
    Where are you located...........................

    Will be waiting to read back from you soon.

    The E-mail this person is using is [email protected]
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    hi same as above was in process of finding out about an english bulldog pup asked price and they said 500 pounds ,i said it was too much at moment but thanks anyway , they put back that thay are missionarys and take donations and how much could i make i said about 100, they put back as it was so small they would sent it to there branch in Victoria Cameroon i then researched this and found this forum which has been very helpfull , they have not told me were they are sitiuted or anything so will be very interesting what they put back !!!!! if something sounds too good to be true it normaly is lol oh he is going by the e mail of john smith
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    [email protected] <--- Scam. They told me the would ship me a siberian husky puppy and all I had to pay was the insurance fee's. I read this and thought "wow, maybe it's not a scam" But then I did some research. The email address they sent me for the airport in Cameroon was not the right one. The pictures of the puppies they sent me were from other breeders websites. And they recently posted an add on claiming an address in the United States in Kansas. And convienitly when I asked for the airports phone number, they couldn't find it. Heres a copy of the first email I recieved.

    Thanks for the inquiry.To let you know, snowbell and maglo are currently on all shots, worming s, micro chipped and examined by our vet. they are AKC and CKC registered and have Champion bloodline. snowbell and maglo will come along with a puppy pack with food, coupons, toys, and a snugly baby blanket and as crap book of their first weeks of life! they are 11 weeks old each.they love to be pampered,they are very calm and adore playing with their toys...they are house trained and gets well with kids, adults,and other house hold pets.they love taking rides.Thus they will make a good companion when going for shopping.
    We are presently in the New Found land of British Southern Cameroon in the state of Douala we have been here for the past one month On a search on the "lake baron bi".it has been difficult for us handling snowbell and maglo out here because of the increase in the time and the intensity of the research. This makes it difficult to offer them the full love and care.and being Religious persons it will pricks our Conscience if we Deprive them of their happiness. They have not been happy all this while because most of the time they are left alone.It is as a result of this that we have to look for good an experience home for snowbell and maglo where they will be spoiled and rotten.Given that our Coordinator has not made known to us a stipulated time that we will have to be back in State. We want some one back home to have them because we will love to pay visits some times to see how they are doing when we get to the states. To adopt them,i will like to know this from you.
    Are you a breeder................?
    have you had a puppy before.............................?
    before will you be willing to send me some regular pics of snowbell and maglo so we can see how they are progressing. ....................?will you permit us pay you a visit when we are back to State .....................?..
    and i will be glad if you can convince me that you will spoil and
    rotten them like your own kids. I will be grateful if you are able to
    provide me with positive answers to these questions..i will attach their recent pics to my next mail. As for your further training of snowbell and maglo I will send you a puppy training booklet to help you .
    I will prefer free adoption so that they will be well loved by the adopting parents..AND LASTLY WHAT IS YOUR PHONE #...........?
    Do have a nice day and get back to me asap
    please provide me with the answers to the question.

    thanks and waiting
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    Just got an email today about "Kelly and Kitty" two yorkies from Western Vally, Cameroon. SCAM from this address [email protected]
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    well my wife and i can add another email name to the list [email protected] responded to an add in craigs list, not to buy a pet but to rescue a blue and gold maccaw......the bird and cage are free but they said a fee of 196USD was required to transfer ownership that i could walmart moneygram them....they are waiting patiently for my response so they can ship nadia to me today...supposedly her husband works for the airport in duoula cameroon so they will be able to ship for heartbroken but very happy i came across this before i sent anything......thanks for posting
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    [email protected] also, Siberian Husky pups listed on the net for $300. Said he was out of LA, I figured I'd just go pick the dog up since it's only a 2 hour drive, then come to find out he's supposedly in Texas, and needed my full information to get the new puppy registered to be sent this way from texas, included in the $300. This morning I get an email from [email protected] (not even their own domain for crying out loud), telling me to moneygram $300 for the "activation" of the siberian husky. I googled express-pet-courier and came up with a scam, just as I suspected. Do not fall for this, what a crock of crap.
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    [email protected], Name of ad is: Teacup Yorkie Puppies For Sale $100 Each:

    Kelly and Kitty are still available and set for a new loving family with so much love and affection.Kelly is 11 weeks old now and Kitty is 12 Weeks .They are AKC registered and have all their AKC ,health and vet papers.they are up to date on all shots ,vet examined and very healthy ,raised around my children and other household pets,she is having a sweet and lovely temperament.Kelly and Kitty are very lovely and playful,they are House trained and loves the company of kids since day one.have very good and lovely personality every heart will desire.they weighs 2.1ibs and will pursue to weigh 4.2ibs when full grown.

    They know and response to her name every time you call her Kelly and Kitty.they will be coming along with all their,vet and health papers,AKC registration papers and all their cites permit papers,free cage and a one year health guarantee.Am Located in Western Valley, Cameroon ..As busy as am here,am unable to give Kelly and Kitty all the care and good home they deserve..So am so humane that i will not want anything to happen to them.So i will have to ship them from here to you and all you will have to do to get them is just to pay for their Transportation fee which will cost you $100 for one puppy . so i will like you to get back to me with the following information :

    Full Name.
    Contact Number
    Your full home/house address
    closest airport to your location
    Your City
    Your State
    How many puppies to you want ? 2 or 1 (Kelly or Kitty or Both)

    so that i should contact the Delivery agency right away for flight reservation.Thanks and waiting

    I have not responded back.
    [email protected], Sent e-mail asking if still available:

    sounds good then,the puppy is available she is 8 weeks old and weighs 2 lbs currently and will weigh under 4.5 lbs at maturity she is akc registered vet checked and has a great temperament,very playful and has been around kids and other pets, the reason we are selling her is because pets are not allowed at our new apartment.She will be coming from Wyoming where we recently moved to .Her price including shipping and crate to that area will be $495 and we will like to talk with you over the phone if you like more information about her and also we have a couple question on where she is going to.

    God Bless
    Kim & Steve

    I Replied: Thank you for your quick response. I'm afraid we will not be able to afford the higher cost, but thank you for your time anyway.

    They responded: We are simply looking for a good home for the puppy,if you will like to purchase her at the price of $375 shipping and crate plus her toys included,then feel free to contact us at 307-220-0708 with which airport you will like to pick her up from and who will be picking her up
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    Nguyen Nguyen <[email protected]>, name of ad: Quality Maltese Puppies!!
    I asked if they were still available. They replied:
    You are a bit late, I just sold the baby you saw on the ads.But
    you can contact one of my buyers that bought puppies from me.He is
    Rev.Thomas Mark ,he just contacted me that he is now in west Africa
    for a missionary work and he went there with the two puppies he
    recently bought from me. According to her,his commitment with God`s
    work did not give him the needed time he needs to be with the
    puppies,also the weather there is so harsh on the puppies health and
    he needed a caring parent who can adopt the babies back to the state
    asap. Below is his email address, contact he and request for the
    puppies he need a parent for.he will be very happy if he knows you are
    from me.I will also tell him about you.

    Write Rev.Thomas Mark on his email address:
    [email protected]

    Get back to me when you adopt the babies.


    I have not responded. Add this e-mail address to the growing list of e-mails they use.
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    Add to the list of e-mails used. Truly shameful! Last name is Kennel. Ha! That's a good one.

    joyce kennel :
    Hello ,
    Nice reading from you regarding my sweet and lovely
    puppies,Yes they are is still available,well vet and vaccinated and home
    trained,these puppies are Akc and Kc registered and possess their kc
    check papers.The reason why I am giving out my puppies for adoption is
    because since the death of my Husband,there have been nobody to take
    very good care of the puppies,Since the puppies are many,i am looking
    for caring and
    loving homes most especially GOD fearing,who will take very good care
    of the puppies..My puppy is 12 weeks old and
    weights between 2.1lbs to 3.lbs and will actually attend
    4.3lbs when fully grown up.
    To enable us know who and where our puppies will be going for Re homing,
    I will like you to provide me with the following information:
    Your name in full..................? Contact number...................?
    State and City......................? Zip code............................?
    House address.....................? Breed you intend having......?
    Do you have kids..................? Are you a Christian.............?
    Do you want the puppy delivered using the urgent delivery service..........?
    Do you have other home pets...........................?
    Do you have any experience in breeding puppy...............?
    We always like see the person adopting our puppies,that is
    way we advice coming over for the pick up if your location is not far
    from us.We can only arrange for a home delivery only if you are unable
    to come over for the pick up due to work purpose and if your location
    don't permit you to come over.Waiting for your swift reply..
    Kind Regards
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    Two more e-mails:
    Sonia Wilson :
    Thanks for your mail and great interest in the puppies and you are very lucky to e-mail me at this time. The puppies are still available and they are house trained, I posted this puppies on adoption for a good and caring home, it is one of my buyers that bought the puppies from me. He is Pastor Chris Simmons, he just contacted me that he is now in south africa for a missionary work and he went there with the two puppies he recently bought from me. According to him, his commitment with God`s work could'nt allow him to take good care of the puppies, also the weather condition is so harsh for the puppies health and he needed a good home and caring parent who can adopt these babies back to the state asap.

    Below is the email address of Pastor Chris Simmons, contact him and request for the puppies he needs a parent for. He will be very happy if he knows you are ready and a caring person.

    Email: [email protected]

    Get me informed as soon as you adopt these pups from him and i will be very happy if you can adopt the pups from Pastor Chris Simmons.

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    Yes, I almost fell for the same scam. I found a Friesan Gelding horse for addption on the internet. The ad said it was a 6 year old Horse.The contact person Denzel KM Got the same e-mails as most of you and finnally I recieved this e-mail from the agency:



    NAME: .................................My contact details of course

    ADDRESS: ...........................

    PHONE NO: ..........................

    COUNTRY ..............................SOUTH AFRICA




    BREED: ................. FRIESIAN GELDING HORSE

    AGE: ................... 8YEARS

    BREED: ................... One male


    Airway Bill Reference Number: ?
    Pass code: ?


    Please verify and confirm if the address above is correct as we would be doing a home delivery. In case of any changes notify us immediately.
    The above information is confidential




    NAME:.................NJIMUKALA SYLARIUS A.
    ADDRESS:.............24 AKWA AVE kENNEDY RUE


    Question: Name of Bank
    Answer: ABSAA BANK(western uion services)




    International Pet Flight ( IPFlight )

    I was very excited that the horse will be delivered to me very shortly untill I tried to go to their web page That was not to be the webpage looks like it does not exists. Did some research found this website and saw all your comments and warnings. Thank you for warning people about buying animals from Cameroon. This is a scam!!!!
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    I still trying to get over all these comments. I felt I was the only one who would fall for something like this. Anyway me and my boyfriend were hoping to get a maltese and we couldnt decide if this guy Nixon was for real. So we said that we would pay 100 euros first then the other 100 when we recieved the pup. We sat for a day and it was so difficult to decide I think we wanted to go through with it just to see if it was for real so we figured between us 50 euros each was okay if it turned out to be a scam we just basically wanted to know if it was genuine. We were quite happy to use the Western bank as it meant no bank card details were being exchanged. However as soon as we sent it reality kicked in and I asked myself "did I really just send some guy 100 euros" I was so angry with myself and at this horrible man. So I decided to play him at his own game! I sent him another email saying my brother was interested in buying two more puppies and that he would pay extra for the inconvenience we have cause him almost immediately I had a reply from him and instantly I had a big grin. I am now making him do the run around and he is on his way to the western bank expecting a large pay out however it will be a wasted trip and he can hopefully now find out what it is like to play the waiting game :)

    The worse part is about the whole thing was not losing the money but the puppy. As for everyone else on here thank you its nice to know we weren't alone :) fare be well people x
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    Okay the final straw. I just emailed him saying that I have transferred a large amount of euros via western union however his precious MTCN number is missing a digit and now I will spam his ass and will never give that waste of space the time of day again!
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    I got a questions is there any possible ways for us to busted them out or capture the F*cking SCAMMERS and can we get our cash back.. ? in any situations? CAMEROON IS MY NUMBER 1 HATED LIST and i will chase them who is with me because is not right and someone have to do something about it
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    they are a pissed off and i want to get them back for whoever got scammed we can't let this go we work for our money and is not easy to earn it we have to do something about it i red all these msg and doesn't it piss u guys off men they are bunch of thieves we can't stand out like nothing happen guys( scammed victims ) the american embassy of the police department should do something about .. BTW im from canada and CAMEROON DOUALA OR anywhere further than your country besides CANADA AND USA are untrustworhy we got to fight this.
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    [email protected] did the SAME exact story to me. I got suspicious when i noticed his english was constantly inconsistent. i googled his e-mail and this site came up.I went to report him to the site I originally found the ad on & noticed he had put up NEW ad's with the sam pictures he had scammed me with. I hope him and his little buddies burn in hell.
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    this is alot of help but its a lil funny because they tryed to get all of us wit the same shit. i love google and yahoo thanks alot.
    the fuckers almost got me
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    Another one... from this email address jack regason

    Thanks for the inquiry.To let you know,Lisa is currently on all
    > shots, worming s, micro chipped and examined by our vet.she is AKC and
    > CKC registered and have Champion bloodline. Lisa will come along
    > with a puppy pack with food, coupons, toys, and a snugly baby blanket
    > and as crap book of her first weeks of life! she is 1year 2 months
    > older .she love
    > to be pampered,she is very calm and adore playing with her toys..she
    > is house trained and gets well with kids, adults,and other house hold
    > pets.she love taking rides.Thus she will make a good companion when
    > going for shopping. We are presently in the New Found land of
    > British Southern Cameroon in the state of Douala we have been here for
    > the past one month On a search on the "lake baron bi".it has been
    > difficult for us handling Lisa out of here because of the increase
    > in the time and the intensity of the research. This makes it difficult
    > to her the full love and care.and being Religious persons it will
    > pricks our Conscience if we Deprive her from happiness. she have not
    > been happy all this while because most of the time she left alone.It
    > is as a result of this that we have to look for good an experience
    > home for Lisa where she will be spoiled and rotten.Given that our
    > Coordinator has not made known to us a stipulated time that we will
    > have to be back in State. We want some one back home to have her
    > because we will love to pay visits some times to see how she is
    > doing when we get to the states. To adopt her,i will like to know
    > this from you. Are you a breeder................? have you had a puppy
    > before.............................? before will you be willing to
    > send me some regular pics of Lisa so we can see how she is
    > progressing. ....................?will you permit us pay you a visit
    > when we are back to State .....................?. and i will be glad
    > if you can convince me that you will spoil and rotten her like your
    > own kid. I will be grateful if you are able to provide me with
    > positive answers to these questions..i will attach her recent pics to
    > the mail. As for your further training of Lisa I will send you
    > a puppy training booklet to help you . I will prefer
    > selling so that she will be well loved by the
    > parents..AND LASTLY WHAT IS YOUR PHONE #...........? Do
    > have a nice day and get back to me asap please provide
    > me with the answers to the question. thanks and waiting.
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    And possibly this one too from [email protected] funny how everyone seems to be working in Cameroon these days...

    HelloI have been checking on petlink and other websites for someone who wants a female Dacshund.So today I fell on yours and thought it wise to mail you.Well as a matter of fact I had a pair (Litto the male and Pompido the female) but now left with one (Pompido).I am having a lot of difficulties taking care of her because I am busy with a project with WWF.We are tracking a rare bird specie called the Bannerman'sturaco here in Cameroon.Please I have been looking for someone to adopt and love Pompido .We are so busy with work such that we hardly have time for her.She is so lonely here with us especially after her mate was shipped to his new home in Brisbane.That is why we have decided to give her for adoption.Pompido is microchiped and has had all her vaccines up to date. Very playful and fond of other pets andkids.Very social girl I would will adore her.She is not Desexed and has all her health papers up to date.. Selling animals is not our thing and we feel it is not right.. My husband and I have decided to give only to someone caring and serious. I just shipped Litto (Pompido's mate) to my friend ...Please if you are interested then reply me, so we can arrange on how you can get her.I will like to know the kind of accommodation you have and your experience.Please we will be
    grateful if you take care of the shipping fee only.My friend paid approx AUD$345 to ship Litto and some of our equipment from Douala International airport,Cameroon to Brisbane airport back home. It might a bit higher or lower depending on your location or nearest airport from where you can pick Pompido.We also have some equipment which we are willing to send along.My shipping agent shipped Litto via New Zealand and so succeeded in avoiding the 30days quarantine.For example the last shipment took a day to get Litto to Jim in Brisbane.Please get back to us if interested.Hereby attach picture of Pompido.Thanks a lot and just hope I found the right personSheila and Mark
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    I have bred Siamese kittens for years, and I never ever ship them via airlines. Much less to another country! Why would you want to put an animal thru the torture of flying that far? Animals are kept in the baggage compartment, which is not heated or cooled . They get rolled out in the heat/cold on those carts with luggage at layovers.
    And animals coming in from foreign countries are subject to 30 days quarantine , AT YOUR COST.
    So, even if this weren't a scam, it is completely cruel to expect animals to travel like this. In a crate .

    Have a heart, get a pet locally. You;ll be able to see where it was raised, what kind of environment, what the parents look like (if bought from a breeder) , and many places have breed rescues and animal shelters where you'd get the satisfaction of saving a life.

    If you don't have the money to pay for a pet, chances are when that pet needs emergency care, shots, spay/neuter, then you won't be able to afford that either.
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