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Island hopping via Pelni in Indonesia?

edited September 2009 in - Indonesia
I would like to visit as many of Indonesia's smaller islands as possible, using the cheapest and most fun way. I was thinking of using the Pelni ferry to get around. Does anyone know if there is a monhtly ticket or round ticket i can buy, or is it a different ticket for each leg of the trip? Does the ferry go to smaller islands and even Irian Jaya? Has anyone done a simialr pelni/ferry trip and can recommend the experience? Thanks Simon


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    You have to get for each trip an separate ticket.The stop at a lot off the smaller Islands(from Bali onward)and also go to different places in Papua.But you have to bring a lot of time,the ships don't go every day.Flying is also cheap and you can combining the to.On arrival you get a 1 month visa.For 2 month you have to get a visa at an consulate. LonelyPlanet is an good guide book,the give you also the ferry connections

    Have fun

  • edited 3:55AM gives you a list of the ships und where the go.

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