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Best way to travel to Lithuania?

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I plan to do a trip across Eastern Europe and would like to know the best way to reach Lithuania from Poland? Are there cheap flights to Vilnius or would I need to take a bus or train? What is the most convenient mode of transport to Lithuania?


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    There is an train Warsaw-Vilnius, one stopover in Sestokai, takes like 10 hours - not very convenient. A bus will be a better choice. Actually, the fastest could be a fast train to Suwa?ki and a bus from there (which are numerous). Flights are likely to be expensive.
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    Hi [email protected]_nospam

    Am Henrison by name am a Nigerian passport holder i need to travel to Lithuania but there is not Lithuanian embassy in my country please can you help me with Lithuanian electronic visa thank and am looking forward to been hearing from you thanks.

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    I plan to travel to Poland with my family (2 children,3 adults).We are Mongolian,and what we need to do.Please tell us about that information.
    Thank you
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    Maybe for you is to late, but if other would be looking for info I can advice. Absolutely if you are looking for the
    cheapest way, airlines companies are expensive. There are no trains, so
    better would be travel by bus. it would be 3 or 4 times cheaper than plane. you can take as much baggage as you want. there aren't limitations.

    Check ecolines  or luxexpres (more expensive) Both are comfortable and you can buy tickets on the
    internet. they also hve wi-fi, so will not take long if you have a computer or


  • Yes indeed, i traveled with ecolines many times and they left me a big impression
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    Europe is known for its rich tourism resources, I am a frequent traveler and I have been to Europe many times for business seminars. As you want a cheap travel then I would recommend you to book a flight because Train or bus would take a lot of time of yours. So trust me if you will book a flight you can save a lot of time along with money.

    See I would recommend you to book your trip from one travel agency as you can also browse their for cheap flight tickets if they suits your budget then you can approach them. You can also find cheap hotels in Europe through travel agencies.
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