Iran safe as a toursit alone?

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Hello, I am a 24 yr old male in ukraine. i will move into russia next week and i want to traverse through to china by land. I have a choice, to go down thru georgia to iran and then to the turkmenistan and out through that way. or to go through khazakstan to turkmenistan and uzbekistan. So basically to go through iran or kazakstan to get to central asia. I want to do Iran, but given the warnings of danger you hear by word of mouth, i wanted to ask someone who has knowledge on the current situation there. I truly believe any country offers good and bad. But i wont go to a place if it is flat out stupid. As someone who would be entering from the north, and exiting through turkmenistan in the northeast, crossing iran all by land, am i taking what would be a 'stupid' risk?


  • Iran is safe to travel and even female individual tourists doing overland trips from Europe to Turky - Iran - Pakistan - China. Therefore, you can use alternative option from Iran - Pakistan via taftan border and enter at Khunjerab border (Pakistan-China) via Karakorum Highway/Old ancient sil Route. If you want to see high mountains of gigantic Karkorum and beautiful valleys with strong hospitable people.

    Me in Islamabad, Pakistan and our valuable tourists visiting us by above said region. You can ask me if you wanted to know more about this destination.

    Have a nice trip,


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