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Help Me, First Time Traveling Far Away

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Hello everybody,

I will be traveling for the first time far away from my country, and need your advice because I get more nervous as the time gets closer.

In January I will be going from Guatemala to Singapore to meet with a friend who is from Australia. We plan to do some traveling in/around Singapore for a few days, then continue to Australia for more days.

These are some of my concerns:

1) I had my passport renewed 10 days ago, so that should be fine (I assume).

2) I was recomended to purchase a travel insurance, which I am going to do.

3) My plan is to fly this route: Guatemala-Mexico-Frankfurt-Singapore. And return through the same route in about 80 days after.

4) I learned that I need to get a transit visa for Mexico. But no need of it when going through Frankfurt. True?

5) I have red that I can stay in Singapore up to 90 days from the time I arrive. Is that correct?

6) I was told that to go from Singapore to Australia, first I need to get an Australian Tourist Visa before I purchase the ticket. Once I receive the Visa, go ahead and purchase the ticket from Singapore to Australia and do some traveling around that country until I have to return to Singapore to come back to my Guatemala.

Please give me any advice or if I need to take note of other details before or during this trip. Hopefully everything will be allright, but can't stop feeling nervous and concerned about it. Thank you in advance for your help!


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    What passport do you hold?
    A lot of your questions about visa and passport stuff is answered in the Word Travels guides to your destination. Check them out and see if you don't feel clearer about things.
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    Thanks David. I hold a Guatemalan passport. I will check out the Word Travel guides. I am almost ready to purchase my ticket now, but I have changed my route. I think I will go now from: Guatemala-Mexico-London-Singapore. The trip to Australia I will arrange once I am in Singapore with my friend.
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    Thinking of going to Austrailia in July or Aug. I know it is their winter. Coming from NY, I don't mind. Where should I visit to remain comfortable while traveling,.. temps. 60's?
    Thank you
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