Injured and unable to travel back to Australia from Switzerland- Help

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Hi, I am a complicated situation here in Switzerland. I had a fall here 9 weeks ago and injured my knee badly. My specialist states in writing that I can not fly back to Australia, that the risk to my life is too high, due to complications that have occured due to my injury. I have been in switzerland 6 months next week. I came here to visit a friend for a holiday. 6 weeks after being here, my friend collapsed and nearly died, needed emergency surgery and was in hospital for an extended period. I applied for an extension of my tourist visa to help him recover. I was given 3 months, an L visa which ends next week. I applied for another extension here and have been told no, 'even though the cantonal doctor has reviewed your case and agrees it is very dangerous for you to fly, you must leave Switzerland, as by law you can only stay in switzerland as a tourist for 6 months at a time'. Can anyone give me some advice. I presume I cannot go to any nearlby Schengen countries, but no one can tell me. I have organised an small income through the australian government, and could only do so because Australia and Switzerland have a social security agreement, Help ! Thankyou...


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