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Dressing for London in Oct

Hi, will be going to London in late Oct. I am aware of the avg temperature ranges but cant really estimate what that's going to feel like. I live in Florida and get chilly when the temp gets below 70F. Will I need a coat or what? HELP. Thanks


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    You'll probably need a jumper during the day and if you feel the cold, you'll want a coat if walking around at night. It's always hot on the underground. You'll definitely need an umbrella or a rain coat/jacket. You could use a rain coat/jacket instead of a normal coat over your jumper on the more chilly evenings and mornings.

    I hope that helps.
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    You know what? They have shops there, lots of them. If you need a sweater or jacket, its pretty easy to pick one up. Better than packing too much stuff you wont use.
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    I have a friend in London right now and she says it's pretty darn cold and that winter is well on its way. But as David says, London shopping is relatively cheap at places like Primark or H&M so rather than overpacking, just pick up some extra clothes. Head to Oxford Street for the best shopping or Camden Market for good bargains.
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